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Every good teacher knows the importance of lesson planning, but that doesn't mean we like it one bit!  Lesson planning, while obviously important, simply takes way too long! Yes, we are teachers and we love what we do (we certainly aren't in it for the money), but nobody wants to spend eight hours on a Sunday planning for the upcoming week. This is why I am pleased to share with you an online resource that can make your teaching life a little bit easier! This resource is called "Planbook", and it is an online lesson planning tool. I have been using this tool only this school year, but I must say, I love it! 


Planbook is an online lesson planning tool with many practical and useful features. You begin your Planbook experience by signing up for an account.  Signing up is super quick and easy, and the tutorial walks you right through it! Next, you add your schedule to the planner. (See below) It also gives you the option of color coding your classes which is super helpful to you extra organized folks out there! I know how you like your color coding! 

After you have all your classes set up in your Planbook, you are ready to add your lesson plan for the day. Simply click on the class you are wanting to write your lesson for.  A new box will pop up that offers some pretty neat little features. (See below) 
Within your lesson plan for each class, Planbook provides a space for your plan, homework assignments, notes, and even the standards! Yes, the standards are already integrated into the program!  All you need to do is use a few drop down menu boxes, or you can search key words in the standard.  Unlike other programs I have used, you do NOT need to add the standards in on your own. Yippee!! 

My favorite thing about the lesson planner is the ability to attach your worksheets, powerpoints, excel documents, etc.. to each lesson. (see below). I can't tell you how many notebooks I have with pages of different resources I have to pull out and copy for my lessons.  With this amazing tool, I can come back to this lesson next year and use the same lesson plan again! I won't have to search for the assessments that go along with the plan because they will all be there in a digital format. I won't have to keep multiple 3 inch binders packed full of plans and other documents! Oh, and let's say Sally has missed 4 days and needs an extra copy of a worksheet she misplaced.  Don't worry about going through binders and folders looking for the sheet because you will have it attached to the date and lesson plan! 

When you are finished adding your lesson plans for each class, your Planbook will look a little something like this (see below). 

That is the "week" view of your lesson plan.  You can also choose the viewing option as "monthly" or "daily" (See below for the daily view). 

Now that you have taken your lesson planning time down a few hours, it is time to send them to your principal! (That is how it works at my school, anyway). Planbook allows you to make a pdf version of your gradebook that you can print, upload to your class website, or email to your principal or other grade level teachers. 

I can absolutely say that Planbook has made my life a little bit easier.  I have more time, I feel more prepared, and I have copies of my plans, assessments, and instructional resources online for me to use again when I need them. If i forget my plans at home, all I need to do is log in to my Planbook account, and the plans and attached documents are there for me to use. There is one negative thing about this program, however.  Planbook costs a buck a month. (Not a lot, but free is always better!)  You pay for the program on a yearly basis, so you just have to pay 12 dollars upfront for the entire year.  Is it worth it? Absolutely!! 

Planbook is offering a free trial right now, so if you are interested, but you are still unsure, try the free trial!.  Click here to try Planbook for free. 

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