September Currently

My first ever "linky party". How exciting?!? :D Thank you "Oh Boy 4th Grade"!

Listening: The only sound I hear is the sound of me typing away on the keyboard and my air conditioner. When I get home from school, I just want to sit here in quiet for a while!  My brother and sister are coming over soon, so I will take a moment of silence with a smile! :) 

Loving: I have loved blogging, and I used to do it back in the day.  I have followed multiple blogs for years now, but I am so stinkin' excited about having a blog of my own now! Very grateful. Woohoo! 

Thinking: I'm just hungry.  Which brings me to my next 'currently'....

Needing: I am hungry because I need to go to the grocery store, but I haven't. Simple enough. 

Wanting: Most of you know, a little over two months ago, my boyfriend Scott passed away from a fall. Something that brings me the most relaxation and comfort are SPA DAYS! I have grown to love and appreciate them, and I have treated myself to them regularly. I think I am ready for another one! 

3 Trips: Italy because I have always said I wanted to go there. California because I have never been past Texas, and I have always wanted to go there as well. A beach, any beach.. because, well, I love the beach! 

Ok.. so that is my currently for September.  I must say... I enjoy typing things to a computer screen, pretending like someone is reading and interested! 
Have a great day, my friends! :) 


  1. Can I just say I am so glad I found your blog! It is adorable..We are from Texas too!! I am so sorry to hear about your boyfriend. You have to be so strong. Praying for you!!

  2. I'm SO happy you started blogging because GET.OUT! It is ADORABLE!!! It's always fun finding other Texas teachers :) I am SO sorry to hear about the passing of your boyfriend. My prayers are with you!! And I feel you on the silence. There's nothing I love more ;)

    Cara :)
    The First Grade Parade

    1. I am actually from West Virginia, but the furthest place west I have visited is Texas! Thank you for your prayers! :)


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