5 For.. uh.. Saturday

Say hello to the coolest little teaching resource ever! This Common Core State Standards quick flip reference chart is my new best friend.  I think I got this little handy dandy thing at a training last year, but I just found it last week while cleaning out my desk. I'm so glad I did!! (I have the common core APP also, but I really think I like being able to have a "touchable" copy.) 
I have been trying to get more followers on bloglovin. I want to take this opportunity to ask you to please follow me! :)
I am having a giveaway!! 
Let me explain...
So, I was having some serious trouble with students trying to respond to questions with things like, "Cause it said it on page 4."  or.. "The shirt was green".  They weren't being detailed with their responses and they weren't citing evidence from whatever it is they were reading.  I came up with a really awesome product that has truly worked wonders in my classroom! I am giving away 5 of these for free! GO ENTER!!!

I have implemented data binders in my classroom this year.  Last week, we spent a LOT of time analyzing each students' testing data from our end of the year test.  I am also implementing a really awesome product that I found on TPT.  It has math assessments for each standard.  The students take the pretest, I teach the standard, and they take their postest.  They then graph their data in the binders. I'm loving it! 

I will leave you with some motivation that has helped me through the week! 

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