Teaching Tip Tuesday.. or whatever

Yea.. yea.. It's not Tuesday, but better late than never, right?  I have recently stumbled upon a really fun resource to help reinforce/engage/review skills in my classroom. The best part is, the kids are asking for MORE!! 

Meet... Flocabulary!

What is Flocabulary? (I took this from the site)
Flocabulary is an online library of educational hip-hop songs and videos for grades K-12.

Yea.. so.. "Flocabulary" has an assortment of different categories that include "hip hop" songs that align with the content we are to be teaching in class.  Initially, I signed up for the free trial and used the "Jefferson vs Hamilton" video just as a quick review.  The kids LOVED it!! They were singing the songs and begging to play more!

I wouldn't suggest using this to "teach" the content although the website offers different little activities.  I do, however, find that it is great to engage the students at the beginning or review at the end! I am thinking about having them do their own rap in the future. Oh.. the website has beats for you to use so the students can create their own rap!! There is a common core search tool, tests, teaching notes, fill in the blank activities, and more. I can't list everything they have on here! Go check it out.  The free trial lets you get a feel for whether or not you will like it or not!

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Have a great day! 

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