Teaching Tip Tuesday

It's Tuesday! You know what that means!! (Or maybe you don't, since I have never actually implemented this before on the blog.) Well, let me explain..

I have recently become quite addicted to linky parties on teacher sites.  I have decided to create my very own to share with my fellow bloggers. I wanted it to be teacher centered and beneficial, so I decided Tuesdays will be set aside for teaching tips! I am constantly looking for different tips, tricks, and ideas on Pinterest, so I thought it would be nice to share tips among teaching blogs! 

To join: Simply save the above "teaching tip Tuesday" picture.  Create a blog post where you post the picture, link back to this page, and post a teacher tip that might be helpful to other teachers, and link up below! That's it! Now.. here is my tip for this week. 

My 5th graders use their own white boards and markers... a LOT!  Those little erasers you can buy from the school specialty companies aren't extremely expensive, BUT I have found a cheaper & easier way to erase on our dry erase boards! :)  FELT!! A small craft size sheet of felt can cost around 35 - 40 cents, and you can get around 6 or more "erasers" out of one sheet by cutting. Take a look at the comparison below: 
As you can see, the whiteboard erasers you can purchase will cost you around 50 cents each.  
A classroom of 30 students will run you around $15.00.

Using felt, on the other hand, will cost only around 6 cents each. 
A classroom of 30 students will cost around $1.60!!! 
That's a savings of about 12 bucks!  

I also took a picture of my "student whiteboard table bins".  As you can see, the felt stores nicely in a small container. They barely take up any room! 

Alright folks! I hope this little tip proves to be helpful to someone! Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to link up below! 


  1. Love this money saving tip!

  2. Hi Stephanie! You have been nominated for the Liebster award! You can see your nomination here: http://www.studentsavvyontpt.blogspot.com

  3. Ooh, thanks for the tip - so simple! I've just discovered your blog. I like that it's so fun, helpful and authentic. Thanks for sharing :)


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