5 for Friday

Well, well, well.... would ya look at me? I almost made it on a Friday this week. Saturday morning is close enough for me!! 

I had a very productive week!  My students have shown lots of growth in their writing.  I don't really have a picture to share in regards to this, but I just feel the need to brag on them! :) I do want to tell you to check back here because I will be sharing a new resource that I absolutely love! My students are blogging! And it took me around 20 minutes to get it all set up. Check back soon to read more. 

Tuesday.. we had a SNOW DAY!!! I was able to get a lot of cleaning and grading done.  I don't particulary like the road conditions one snow days, but I do appreciate the benefits of getting "caught up" on school stuff! I think teachers should have a day each week to just go in and work without teaching!

Wednesday I had a sushi date with my friend, Kasey. I think I am an addict. Yum!! I have started trying new types of sushi.. so far so good. Am I the only one who wants to order like 3 rolls because I think I can eat it all, only to discover that one would have been more then enough? haha

In honor of "Throwback Thursday", I received a text from my friend Rachel with the picture you see below. Rachel and I became best friends in 8th grade.. we were inseparable in high school, and when she moved 6 hours away after college, we drifted apart. Well. SHE IS MOVING BACK!!!! AHHHH! She and her hubby and two youngsters are moving in just a few weeks. I. Cant. Wait. The picture below is of us in 8th grade, and again in high school. Too funny! 

I also went to see "Mockingjay" on Thursday.One of the best yet! Go see it.. you wont regret it! 

I am pledging to participate in the Random Acts of Christmas Kindness that I found over at "Coffee Cups & Crayons".  I will probably tweak some of mine a bit because I am an adult haha.. but I may also encourage my students to participate! Go check it out! She is offering a free printable, Facebook updates, and more! I think this would be a great way to spread some positivity in this world. Who is with me on this???

I didn't blog a lot about my classroom.  Since this is a teaching blog, I guess I should try harder next week! Have a fabulous week. :) 

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