Teaching Tip Tuesday (Link Up!)

Be quiet!
Stop talking, please!
Talking is not permitted during this time. 

Which of the above sentences do you think students would benefit the most?  They may NOT listen to your commands, but if you look at it in a vocabulary sense, the students would most likely benefit from the last sentence the most!

This week's tip is a super simple and easy to implement! I actually have a video to share with you that explains this ttechniquea little bit better. The wonderful teacher on the video calls this technique "college talk."  I really have witnessed it to be effective in my classroom.  Instead of telling students something is "not allowed," I have changed it to "not permitted".  This is just one simple way to use "college talk" in your classroom! Take a look at the video below! 

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  1. Hey girl! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Visit my blog to see what it is and what to do next. Lovin' your blog!!


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