Instagram For Teaching

As you can see, I am taking part in the Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop with Year 2 Tastic. :) How exciting!! You can win a twenty dollar gift certificate from teacherspayteachers. Who doesn't need that??

Here is how this blog-hop works…

1. Read this post and make a note of my letter
2. Click on a link at the bottom to 'hop' onto one of my fab blogger friends posts
3. Read their post and make a note of their letter
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3!

I actually linked up with this cool idea through instagram which brings me to my next point.

Instagram!! I remember downloading instagram because of all of the cool filters that I could put on my photos.  Later, all my friends got it, so it became more of a "social media" thing. (Oh.. by the way, my scavenger hunt letters is S) ;)  I have just recently started using instagram for my teaching purposes. 



Have you ever searched for "teacher" things on instagram? If you haven't, stop what you are doing (well.. wait until you read this, and then go immediatly after) and go search something on instagram! You will be linked to tons of cool teaching websites.  It's just like google search but with pictures. I love it!

How do you use instagram in your classroom or for your teaching??

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