Student To - Do Lists

As an adult, what do you do to keep yourself organized?  Do you keep an agenda, to-do list, or notes on your phone? Chances are, you have developed some sort of system to keep yourself on track with all of the things you need to complete in life.  This is why I allow my students to create to-do lists on their desks.

I don't like to view my classroom as a "to-do" classroom.  I make an effort to implement activities that are engaging and full of rigor, but let's face it, sometimes, students have to have to practice pages and formative assessment sheets.  I was finding that when students wouldn't finish in time, would be absent, or would be pulled out of class for some reason, I was having to keep up with their work.  I have a "while you were out" pocket chart that keeps their work in one place until they pick it up, but what happens after they pick it up? Some of them complete it, and some don't! 

One day, I showed my class my to-do list.  I have one at all times, and I carry it with me everywhere.  I love it! It is effective, and it keeps me sane at times.  I encouraged the kids to create individual to-do lists of their own to keep themselves organized and to ensure that they have no missing assignments.  I have only implemented this idea for the past few months, and while it hasn't been a perfect solution, it has truly helped my kiddos. 

Implementing a class to-do list for your students is easy. You can give them a sharpie OR dry erase marker.  If you use a sharpie, simply go over it with a dry erase marker when you want to erase, and it comes right off.  Students begin to get creative with these lists.  Some include after school activities that they need to complete while others simply stick to classroom tasks.  I like this technique because it keeps students organized, and it teaches them an important life skill at the same time. 

As always, I am sure you can think of ways to modify this organizational technique to meet your individual needs.. Good luck, and happy teaching! :) 

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