Text Features Flipbook

My fabulous fifth graders are learning more about text features and using them to better understand informational text.  We have used the expeditionary learning (via EngageNY) methods this year, and they have truly shown so much progress!  As a supplemental activity/resource tool, I had my students create text features flip-books.  Here is a brief summary of how I implemented this in my class: 

  1. Students created the layout of the flip-book by folding the paper and gluing on the outside labels. 
  2. Students cut out and placed the definition tabs on the inside.  (I did not let them glue these down yet! When everyone had completed sorting, we went over each one as a class, so I could guarantee they placed them correctly.  I didn't want anyone referencing incorrectly.) Then they glued them. 
  3. We got out the science books, and students did a text book search! They each found their own example of each type of text feature, and they wrote down the page number for each. 
  4. When everyone was complete, we shared what we had found, and the students flipped through the book to see what their peers had found. 
Here is an example of what the flip-books looked like.  The students really were engaged during this activity, and it went very well.  I can't take credit for this wonderful activity, however.  I found it for FREE on teacherspayteachers.

A great big thank you to the author of this free product. I love finding free resources! 
Hope you are able to use this activity in your classroom. 
Happy Teaching!! 


  1. Thank you for giving us your text features activity. Just what I needed for next week. Your website is beautiful!


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