End of The Year Snapshots Activity

On Thursday, my students participated in an activity that, to be honest, made me very emotional!  Each student was asked to brainstorm different memories they had during their 5th grade year.  These memories could be from the classroom, during recess, during lunch, or sports related.  I told them they could pretty much write about anything that occurred to them during their fifth grade year.  Most of the students picked events that happened in our class.  It was a very beautiful thing to read their memories.  It makes doing what I do mean so much! When we were finished, I gave the students tape and allowed them to place them anywhere on our door they wanted. It made for a great end of the year display! I have provided a link to download this activity at the bottom of the page. 

Click the image below to download a copy to use in your class! 

End of The Year Snapshots Activity -  Writing and Art

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