Guess The Reward! Classroom Management Tool

I don't have to tell you that students love rewards.  I mean, don't we all? I incorporate a positive behavior reward system in my classroom that encompasses many different techniques that reward positive behaviors.  One of my favorite is the, "Guess The Reward" game.  This is an ongoing, all year activity that can be completely modified to suit your classroom needs.  It can work for students of absolutely all ages! It has proven to work more effectively, as a whole class reward system, than any others! 

Let me tell you about it....

First, you start by writing a word on the board.  This will be your secret reward.  You know what it is, but students don't because you cover each letter up with an index card!  

As you see the students exhibiting extreme, positive behaviors, you say something along the lines of, "Wow!! You guys are impressing me today!" and you remove a letter.  

When all letters have been revealed, the students get the reward that is written.  

They. Love. It!!!!

I don't suggest covering letters back up because that will discourage them.  Once they have earned a letter, let the guessing begin.  They start looking at word parts, identifying prefixes and suffixes, and sounding out letters! It is like a phonics lesson all in itself!  

I will admit, the students get really good at guessing the rewards, so you have to switch up the types of rewards you give.  Some of the rewards I offer are

Don't take my word for it... try it! You'll see...
Oh.. and you're welcome... ;) 

Here are the photo directions: 

All you need is a few index cards, some magnets, and a chalkboard/whiteboard. 

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