Math Reasoning Puzzle Stations

I found a great product on TPT the other day, and I used it today in my class as a "stations" activity.  Let me tell you about this awesome activity!!

First, and foremost, this product is FREE until Sunday! Second, it can be adapted easily to meet your classroom needs, as I adapted it to meet my 5th graders.  This is actually for 3rd or 4th grade, but it is meant to be spread out over a couple of weeks, and I just used 8 of the activities in one day.  It worked as a great review activity!

What you get:
This download includes 10 reasoning activities or puzzles.  Each one includes a picture and 6 statements.  The students must look at each picture and identify whether each statement is true or false.  It is meant for the students to cut out and glue each statement to a TRUE / FALSE chart, but I did mine a little differently. I created a document with 8 TRUE/FALSE tables (one for each activity), and the students just wrote the statements in the tables. Here is one example of one of the "puzzles". 

My modification:

  1. I set up 8 stations in my room.  I labeled each station with a number. At each station, I placed one of the puzzles. 
  2. I put my students in groups of two and gave each student a paper with the 8 true/false tables.  I labels the 8 true/false tables to match the stations. 
  3. I put a pair of students at each station, and I set my timer for about 8 minutes. 
  4. After 8 minutes, the students were to stop their work and move to the next station. 
  5. After all stations had been completed by each team, we came back together as a group to reveal the correct responses.  
Why I Loved This:
  • Students were engaged in true "math talk".
  • Students were THINKING!
  • Students enjoyed the activity. 
  • For the students who like to move around, this really targeted their learning style. 
  • This is very much aligned to the common core standards in my opinion.  
  • Much different than simply giving students a problem to work out. They had to use their reasoning skills!
Here are some pictures of our math stations in action!

To download this wonderful resource CLICK HERE!! 

Happy Teaching! 

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