"Notice & Note" Book Study: Question 2 -What is the Role of Fiction?

Why teach fiction in schools?  What is the good of that anyway?? 

Question 2: What is the Role of Fiction?

Well.. well.. well.. I must admit, I like Common Core, but it does make me a little sad that the emphasis is more on nonfiction. I mean, I get it, but it still makes me sad. The book, Notice & Note, mentions the same thing.  I believe the best quote that I found in this book to sum up the benefits of fiction is, "Nonfiction lets us learn more, fiction lets us be more." 

Some people may see nonfiction to be more beneficial while others may see a stronger need placed on fiction. I can see how both are beneficial.  I can't tell you how many times I have used fiction stories to teach character education.  Even for myself, there are so many fiction stories have have absolutely resonated in my heart and have impacted life.  I can't say that so much for nonfiction.  

The authors of this book, like myself, obviously value fiction being used in schools.  It is important to ask what the role of fiction is, however.  I mean, what is it that it is teaching students? Is it teaching them only to be better readers?  If this is the case, can't they become better readers by simply reading nonfiction text?  The Question 2 discusses the power of fiction. 

To sum this question up, the authors mentioned the following benefits of fiction in the classroom: 

  • Children are introduced to reading through fiction (fairtytales, poetry, etc..)
  • Children minds make sense of the world through narratives -- story telling.
  • Studies show it affects the way we interact with one another. 
  • Research shows there to be a value of fiction in our intellectual and emotional lives. 
  • Reading stories can improve social skills by helping you understand other human beings. 
  • Through fiction, we learn about others, ourselves, and life. 

Isn't that just wonderful?  I have always been a big fan of fiction, but seeing all of the wonderful benefits makes me smile.  :)  With that, I will leave you with a quote from the book, 

"A good book does more than entertain and pass the lazy hours on a beach or the boring hours on a long plane ride; it can change us."

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Hope you have had a fabulous day!
Happy Teaching! 

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Beers, K., & Probst, R. (2013). Part 1 - The Questions We Pondered. In Notice & note: Strategies for close reading (pp. 16-19). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.  

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