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Teaming up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week! 
Today is my last day with my kiddos. Always such a bittersweet time!
It's the end of the year here in my neck of the woods. That means saying goodbyes to my precious kiddos, celebrating a fabulous year, and lots of data to look at. As teachers, we need to be able to keep track of our students' progress. Something that I have used for the past 5 years is a little document that has saved plenty of my precious time, and provides a quick glance at each of my student's progress throughout the year. If you would like to read more about how to use this document to track progress, click here. (Inspired by Beth Newingham) 

As it is the last week of school, I have allowed my student to play Smartboard games during centers.  This is an example of one of the games.  I have lots of them, and I ordered them from Lakeshore Learning, and I find them extremely beneficial! Students are engaged and they are learning. What more can you ask for? :) The game above is a comprehension game. Students roll the dice, and get to move to different parts of the game board. They read a passage, and if they answer the multiple choice question correctly, they get to move. CLICK HERE to see Math Plinko. (You will be taken to Lakeshore's website.) 

I have a nice bundle of end of the year activities that I like to implement each year. One of the activities I personally love reading is the end of the year letter to ME from each student. Students write to me telling me about their memorable moments. They tell me what they would change if they could. They also tell me what they thought I taught the best, etc... It is a really good reflective activity for the students and the teacher alike. 
Another activity, pictured above, is where students write a letter to the upcoming class. They tell them about their favorite books they read during the year, rules to follow, etc.. Its a great introductory lesson for the upcoming year! 

Click here to download the end of the year bundle! 

Yea.. so this happened at school Wednesday! How fun! The school always provides a day of fun inflatables at the end of the year. This year they brought in these cool things. The kids loved them!! :) 

Nearly a year ago, my boyfriend passed away.  He and I had gone into the mountains one evening to find me an Easter Tree to put in my classroom because I just HAD to have one haha. I used this tree to let the kids decorate eggs to hang on it. I ended up using it more as a "holiday tree" to decorate for all holidays. Well, I have decided it is time to retire the tree, but I can't bring myself to throwing it away because Scott searched so long to find the perfect tree. I found a couple of really cool ideas on Pinterest (see below).  Which one do you like best?? If I do the lamp thing, it won't look quite the same because my limbs are much smaller. Let me know what you think!! :)

Well, I hope you all enjoy your summer! :) 


  1. So sorry to hear about the passing of your boyfriend last year, that must have been very hard for you. The lamp looks like it could be a lovely idea - he can continue to 'light up' your life ! It looks a lovely little project. I hope you have a good summer!

    1. What a great way of looking at it!! Thanks for sharing! I will remember that!

  2. Oh, I love the lamp idea! Even if the limbs aren't exactly the right size, I'm sure it will still work.
    Hope you have a great summer!
    Learning at the Teacher Table

    1. I am leaning toward the lamp idea I think! Thanks so much! I hope your summer is great as well!


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