Students' Voice Levels

I started a brand new school this year, and one of the things the entire school implements is student voice levels. You can be walking down the hall and see a student in a completely different grade, and if you were to ask them to show you a voice level 0.... they would know what you were talking about. I love it! 

So what do all these voice levels mean?? 
0 - No talking. 
1 - Whisper.
2 - Table/Partner
3 - Presentation voice.
4 - Outside voice. 

Simple enough? I created posters for a visual reminder, and I would love to share these with you. There are free until tonight at 10pm!! All I ask is that you leave some feedback. 

To those of you who are beginning your year, GOOD LUCK to you!

To download this #flashfreebie, click the image below. 

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