5 For Friday! I am BACK!

I am back!  I can't believe it has been so long since I have blogged. I have been so busy with my new job at my new school. I finally feel like I am getting the hang of things though!! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week to share 5 things about my week in class. 

My new school is much bigger than my old school. There is much more diversity, and my classroom happens to be extremely diverse in ability levels. I have students who don't speak English, I have special education students, speech students, OT students, BD students, gifted students.. You name it, I've got it!! haha I am not complaining! These are some of the sweetest kids ever! However..I will admit that it has been quite challenging for me to feel like I am doing my usual BEST, but I am growing and learning everyday! One of my challenges has been targeting my gifted students.  This week, we studied cause and effect.  I gave my students a pretest on Monday.  After grading the pretest, I allowed the students who scored 100 percent to participate in an alternate activity where they created cause and effect games.  They made game boards with spaces and question cards. They incorporated dice as well. I am so impressed when their final products. We will be using these next week in centers as a "review center". Take a look at what they came up with. 

In science, we are studying plants.  We have learned the internal and external structures of a flower, and today we dissected a flower! It was really interesting, and I loved hearing the students make associations and recognize the parts we have students. We dissected the flowers, and then we glued their parts back on a piece of white paper. They loved it!

 So I have been making an attempt to do the #180daysinthelifeofateacher thing on instagram. I haven't done it everyday,  but here is the one we did today! ha.. so much fun. I have a great 4th grade team! :) 

Start of shift... end of shift..
I'm just gonna leave this right here! Haha :) 

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be thirty. The big 3-0.  See ya later twenties.. Over the hill.. Wrinkles.. here I come. :( 

Just kidding. :)

I am grateful to be here. Life is short.. I'm going to make each day count :) 


  1. Cracking up at that meme...i feel like that every day, lol! Happy Birthday!

    1. I felt it appropriate for my everyday as well!! haha THANK YOU for the birthday wishes! :)


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