Need Some Uplifting?

So.. A teacher friend of mine often shares motivational texts to uplift our team. Let's just go ahead and admit it... Teaching is hard! We need uplifting!I have decided to begin a FREE texting service to YOU.... The deserving, awesome teacher that you are, but may sometimes forget. You are doing AMAZING things! I hope to inspire, brighten, and uplift your spirits throughout your work week. It is my hope that through this service, I will be able to help spread some joy to all my readers, as well as uplift myself in the process. (hey, I need it too!) :) The best way to help yourself is by lifting up someone else, right?My beliefs are Christian-based, so that might come through on some of the texts, fyi. :). If you're interested, see the image below! (These will be once daily from the hours of 7am - 8pm Eastern) 

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