It's Gonna Be May.....

Oh wait.. it is now! ha! and I am linking up with "Oh Boy.. It's Farley" for her final "currently" linky party. 

Listening: Currently... I am listening to Grey's Anatomy and the sweet sound of these keys banging on my keyboard. Back in the day when I was working at store manager at Claire's Boutique (8 years ago!) WOAH! I was hooked on Grey's Anatomy.  I finished 4 or 5 seasons back then, but I got super busy with working a 40 hour a week job and finishing up my student teaching, so I quit.  Well.. here I am finally finishing up where I left off. My emotions have been like a roller coaster the past two days! I'm hooked. 

Loving: I love Sundays. I never feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing on a Sunday! :) 

Thinking: I need to go get some groceries. My refrigerator is embarrassing right now. 

Wanting: I want new workout shoes!! My friend Kelly and I started a Crossfit type workout class, and she bought a pair of Nike Metcon 2 shoes and I WANT THEM! 

Needing: I have some brilliant kiddos in my class this year. It is always a challenge finding things that stimulate their brains. I feel like I have really learned to differentiate for my gifted students even more this year! Very grateful for that.  I always looked at classroom management as one of my strengths, and I feel like I can finally add differentiation to the list as well! :D woohoo! 

Truth: This is quite personal, but I am having a hard time deciding where I will be next year.  After the death of my boyfriend, I moved three hours from home where I knew pretty much no one.  It has been such a good experience and exactly what I needed! I had planned on going back home after this year, but now I am thinking I want to stay..  Prayers that I make the right decision, please! :) 


  1. Sending you prayers about your decision to move. I moved over 6 hours away from home and now that i'm pregnant and living in a French community (where my spouse does not speak French) has been difficult. I am new your blog but really look forward to coming back and following your journey :) Enjoy your lazy Sunday, I know I'm enjoying mine :D
    Ms Idealistic

    1. Thanks so much! I'm sending you prayers that your spouse will learn some French and your difficulties will lessen. :)

  2. LOL at your title!! It never gets old!
    I teach an inclusion class, so my "focus" is strategies for my students with special needs. I always feel like I'm neglecting my higher students, though, so I am constantly looking for ways to challenge them.
    Best of luck with your decision making. I'm sure you'll find the right choice for you!
    Shine on in First Grade

  3. Those Nikes are awesome! Best of luck with your decision...follow your gut!

  4. Hi Stephanie!
    Moves can be scary, but I'm sure it will all work out! Sounds like trying new things has been a good experience for you! Good luck with your decision!
    Team J's Second Grade Fun

    1. Thanks for the advice, Jordan!! I think I have made my decision now! :)

  5. Oh man all my good thoughts go out to you!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings


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