Hold up.. It's August Already??

Is it just me, or did Summer FLY by this year?  (I think I say that every year..)... 

Well.. In the spirit of "Back 2 School", I have decided to offer a "FLASH FREEBIE" that will seriously help with all your decor needs.  I used these banners in my classroom last year, and I thought, "Hey.. why not put these on TPT!" So.. here they are, and luck you.. You get a free copy!

(If you download within the next 24 hours.. AND feedback is mucho appreciated in return) :)

So I have included both black and white banners, and large and small banners. I have some premade ones on there that will save you some time, and I have also included a set of the alphabet and numbers, so you can combine whatever letters you would like.  I also included a PPT file, so you can change the font face/size/color if that is what floats your boat. 

Happy Teaching.. And GOOD LUCK this year! :) 

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