Okay Kids... Let's Write a Summary!! (Hides Face)

Yea.. soo I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have always struggled with teaching students exactly how to write a summary. I either received summaries that were too short, or they turned in summaries that were 3 pages long. (Longer than the actual text they were referencing!) 

After a much needed search of the internet, I found a technique that, apparently every other teacher in the Universe already knows about judging by the vast amount of information I found!

I began implementing a few weeks ago. I am happy to announce the "light bulbs" are finally on and shining during summary writing in fourth grade!! I created a graphic organizer I wanted to share with you for free. I hope this helps you too!! I also created an anchor chart to use with the summaries.  I plan on keeping this up all year. It has been so helpful!  To download the graphic organizer for free, simply click the picture below to be taken to my TPT store.  Please don't forget to leave feedback! :) 

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