20 Amazing Open House Teacher Ideas to Excite Students as the New Year Approaches

Amazing open house teacher ideas for elementary school and older.

Open house is such a stressful and nerve-wracking time for teachers. There’s a ton to prep, and speaking to eager parents is enough to make someone faint. Having some fun open-house teacher ideas will help ease your mind as you enter the new year.

Amazing open house teacher ideas for elementary school and beyond.

Imagine this: Parents trickle into the classroom, eyes bright, heads full of questions. Since you have everything laid out nicely, they know exactly where to go. Every parent fills out each necessary form and moves in an organized fashion through the room.

You have stations for wishlists, school supplies, parent information, and everything else nearly presented on tables or clipboards. Because of your organization, parents’ questions are answered, and everyone is in and out quickly, yet happy!

Doesn’t that sound nice? I’m here to give you the resources to make this a reality.

Printable Parent Packet for Open House

The easiest way to ensure parents have all the important information they need for the year is to give each of them a folder or packet of materials. I used the printables from the Boho Rainbow Open House Kit, and here is what you can find inside.

Welcome Letter

Welcome your families to their new classroom with a sweet letter!

Open House Teacher Ideas - Open House Ideas Elementary - Welcome letter
Create a little folder for parents and students to have everything they need.

Goals as Your Child’s Teacher

Outline your goals for the year so parents (and students) feel comfortable stepping foot in your room. This is a great way to open lines of communication with families.

Things to Know

This printout provides families with important information about the classroom, school, and daily routines.

Open House Teacher Ideas - Open House Ideas Elementary - things to know - student info
Print off all the important forms for an open house!

Daily and Weekly Schedules

Having schedules is a must in the classroom. Give parents schedules for upcoming months as soon as you can.

Student Info Questionnaire

Ask parents to complete a questionnaire to better understand students entering your classroom. Once they fill it out, they can leave it with you or send it back once the school year starts.

Supply List

Every classroom needs a supply list at the beginning of the year. Print out the necessary items for parents to grab before the first day of school.

Open House Teacher Ideas - Open House Ideas Elementary - supply list
The best open-house teacher ideas include a supply list for each child.

Important Dates

Some dates may pop up as the year progresses, but detail any you know about at the open house. This allows parents and students to know them well in advance so events can go smoothly.

School Calendar

Each school will most likely have a yearly calendar you can provide parents and families in the fall. They will appreciate knowing about school closings, holidays, celebrations, picture days, etc.

Stay in Touch Contact Sheet

Give parents your contact information. I don’t mean your personal phone number, but your school email address and any social media accounts they may want to follow for school purposes.

Photo Release Form

Since you will most likely take photos of your students each year, ask permission to post their kids on social media platforms, school websites, or even Class Dojo.

Classroom Wish List

School supply lists are for kids and teachers to use during the year. A wish list includes anything you, as a teacher, may want outside of the necessary items. This may include a new laminator or laminating sheets, write and wipe pockets, clipboards, electric pencil sharpeners, your favorite pens, or seasonal classroom decorations.

Open House Teacher Ideas for the Night of

As you set up your tables for an open house, print off these resources to make things run smoothly. The materials in the Boho Rainbow Open House Kit will make it easier when that night comes.

Sheets

Ask parents to sign in when they enter the room. This way, you know who attended and who you still need to get information to.

Open House Teacher Ideas - Open House Ideas Elementary - sign in
A sign-in sheet is the first step to a successful open house!

Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

Every classroom needs volunteers. Invite parents to sign up to be a room parent or to donate items for certain events.

Wish List Sign-Up and QR Code Tags Template

As parents view your wish list, ask them to mark off items they will contribute. Use the QR codes to make it simple to track.

Open House Teacher Ideas - Open House Ideas Elementary - wishlist QR codes
This QR code is a lifesaver and perfect as open house teacher ideas.

Open House Checklist

As families enter the room, give them a checklist so they know whether they visited each station before heading home.

Open House Teacher Ideas - Open House Ideas Elementary - checklist
Use the cute checklist to ensure all families grab what’s needed and give you the necessary forms.

Station Sign Tents

To keep families from getting confused, mark your stations with table tents. This will encourage a natural flow to the room as parents fill out information, grab their packets, and ask questions.

Scavenger Hunt

Invite families to hunt around the school before heading home. They can find the cafeteria, special rooms, the gym, and more.

Open House Teacher Ideas - Open House Ideas Elementary - scavenger hunt
Kids will love this scavenger hunt as they learn the school layout.

Supply Signs

Some parents may already have supplies on hand. Label bins or areas of a table where they can drop the items off.

Open House Teacher Ideas - Open House Ideas Elementary - table tents
Supplies must also be labeled so parents can drop items in the correct location!

“Thank You for Coming” Snack Bag Labels

Before they leave, give families a little treat to thank them! Kids will appreciate a little something they can enjoy as well.

Open House Teacher Ideas - Open House Ideas Elementary - thank yous
Send families off with a little treat! Now those are open house ideas elementary kids will love!

Printables for the School Year

Also included in this Boho Rainbow Open House Kit are Classroom Expectations, a Birthday Chart, and a password tracker to organize student information.

If you want other Open House Teacher Ideas options, try the Calm Pastel Open House Survival Kit or the bright and colorful Hey Lisa! Bright and Happy Open House Kit!

Having many resources at your fingertips for an open house will save your sanity and prepare families for the new year. Help them feel comfortable with these open house teacher ideas and have fun! Have a great year!

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Amazing open house teacher ideas for elementary school and older.
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