A Fun Homework Incentive

Is it a constant struggle trying to get students to turn in homework?

Homework Hub
Homework Hub Incentive

I send home an optional homework packet each week.  The students who want to participate can, and the students who may not have extra help at home are not required to turn it in.  

I realize, however, that many students may not be motivated to do the homework since it isn’t required, so this is why I created my “Homework Hub!”  When students finish their packets for the week, they turn them into the “Homework Hub” basket, choose an (x,y) coordinate and initial the box of their choice.  

Friday's Winner
On Friday, I choose an (x,y) coordinate to pick a winner!

On Friday, after I have checked to make sure the homework is complete, and the names are on the chart, I do a drawing!  We plot the (x,y) coordinates I choose, and the person who has chosen that position gets a prize! 

I usually do $1 Scholastic books as the prize, and the kids get super excited about them, but you can honestly choose whatever you’d like as a reward. Free rewards are just as exciting!

My favorite part about doing this homework incentive is that it teaches a math skill and rewards with a reading prize.  The students are so eager to see who will be chosen, and if you forget, trust me they will remind you.


This will open Google slides. Feel free to make a copy to keep for your records.

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