A Simple & Cozy Boho Nursery Reveal I Think You Will Love!

It’s no secret I love decorating classrooms, so I really enjoyed incorporating my love for decorating when doing my daughter’s boho nursery. In this blog post, I will be sharing photos and links to the products I used to help me create a perfect, neutral boho nursery.

boho nursery example
Coat Hanger for Swaddle Blankets

Use Wall Space to Help Organize

When you walk into our boho nursery, you will notice I used the wall space to the left to decorate and organize at the same time! I found this beautiful wooden coat hanger at Home Goods. Unfortunately, it has been a while since I purchased it, so I couldn’t find a link for you. I did, however, find an awesome option from amazon. It is an accordion-style coat rack. Click here to add it to your cart!

The framed print is actually fabric I found at Hobby Lobby! I used an inexpensive frame from IKEA and made wall wart that matched the vibe I was going for just perfectly!

boho nursery example with mirror, changing pad, shelves
Functional, Clean, & Simple Changing Station

Keep Things Simple & Clean

I kept things simple and clean for our changing station because I know from experience how cluttered this area can get very quickly! The wooden shelves came from Home Goods and I couldn’t find a link for those. Here are links to the items you see in the photo:

boho nursery example with boho crib, rug, rocker
Neutral Colors Keep Things Calm & Cozy

My favorite part of the boho nursery has to be the accent wall. I can’t really offer a tutorial here because my husband worked his magic, but I can tell you the wall color is called Sashay Sand by Sherwin Williams. It’s the perfect mix of a muted pink and tan color. Here are links to some of the items you see in the photo.

boho nursery bassinet
The bassinet & play mat are among my must-haves for moms!

I absolutely fell in love with the Design Dua bassinets! They are absolutely gorgeous and look beautiful in a boho nursery. You guys, my little one loves sleeping and napping in hers! You will need to purchase the bassinet as well as the stand and liner. Trust me, you will want to invest in this one.

Have you ever heard of Lovevery? If you have a child ages 0 – 4, you are going to want to check this company out. They design toys that are developmentally appropriate for children and they craft boxes specific to your child’s age and ship them straight to your door! We have been using this play gym for the last 4 months with my little one and it is amazing. Hands down one of my favorite baby shower gifts!

Things to Remember When Decorating Your Boho Nursery

While designing and decorating a nursery is fun, it is also important to remember to keep things simple and safe! While the babies are tiny, they won’t be able to get into much so you can add fun things in your rooms just because they are beautiful. However, the tiny baby stage only lasts a short time! Before you know it, they will be crawling and putting everything in their mouths, so be sure to babyproof your nursery.

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Stephanie Nash

Stephanie Nash

I have been helping teachers organize, develop routines, and create inviting & beautiful classrooms since 2012!

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Hey y’all!  I’m Stephanie Nash.  I have been helping teachers organize, develop routines, and create inviting & beautiful classrooms since 2012!

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