Burnout in Teaching: How to Manage Work-Life Balance for a Sustainable Career

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Burnout in teaching is real! Every teacher has felt worn out and stretched to capacity at some point during their career. Now more than ever, it’s important for teachers to avoid this burnout, so we have amazing teachers in the classrooms for our kids. I know it may seem easier said than done, but there are some ways to avoid burnout and continue our love for teaching! Check out these 8 simple ways to manage the work-life balance in your career.

how to avoid burnout in teaching

Keep Yourself Healthy

Teaching, like any career, is time-consuming. It’s hard work. One of the simplest ways to avoid teacher burnout is to keep yourself healthy. Avoid sluggishness by getting sufficient sleep, eating healthy food, and exercising when you can.

If your school allows, use open blocks of time to walk with coworkers or take a lap around the building by yourself. Getting any bit of a workout in will boost your endorphins, put you in a better mood, and make the work-life balance that much better.

Make Space for Personal Time

We all know how hard it is to juggle work, family time, and even personal time. Carve out a time each week or even each month for “me time.” Do something you love to do alone, whether that’s read in a coffee shop, peruse the shelves at the local thrift store, or walk around the local park listening to your favorite music. Building in this personal time will help you avoid burnout in teaching.

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Practice “me time” to better yourself and avoid burnout in teaching.

Leave the Schoolwork at School

As much as you can, leave the schoolwork at school. Taking it home just opens the doors for no personal time and no family time. Get what you can done in the school building and leave the rest for another day. This may be easier said than done, but if you make a routine of getting things done each week, you won’t fall behind.

Have Open Communication with Coworkers

One of the most important parts of a successful and enjoyable job is having coworkers you can talk with. I don’t just mean gossip and chit-chat; I mean coworkers that listen to you, help you, and guide you. In return, you should be able to offer them insight. Essentially, you want to build relationships with your coworkers where you can work as a team. Then, when the times get tough, you won’t feel alone, and you’ll know you can weather the storm together.

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Form good relationships with coworkers and peers to avoid burnout in teaching.

Stay Organized So You Can Leave Work on Time

The key to getting out of the building on time is staying organized. When you are organized in the classroom, you’ll be able to pick up and head home much easier than if there are piles of paper lying around the room. Use some of these resources to organize your space and stay on top of all tasks.

Use Editable Teacher Toolbox labels to keep your desk space organized. Keep track of sticky notes, markers, pens, and all the little things that end up floating around the room. Decluttering will clear your brain and allow you to stay organized during planning and teaching. Just one more thing to avoid burnout in teaching.

Boho Rainbow Classroom Theme
These teacher toolbox printables will help you steer clear of burnout in teaching.

Organize your book bins and student caddies with Editable Labels. This will help students keep track of books, homework, journals, and anything else they can think of in the classroom. When the kids can help you stay organized, the classroom runs smoother, and you can leave sooner.

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Use editable labels on EVERYTHING to avoid burnout in teaching.

The paperwork can really add up! Utilize Binder Covers and Classroom Forms to keep track of important information, lesson plans, small group notes, and so much more. Instead of sorting through piles of papers, everything will be in its three-ringed spot.

Label everything! When everything has a home, there’s no way you can become unorganized. Use Binder Covers to label lesson plan books, student binders, grading books, and everything in between. Believe me, having a space and label for everything will help avoid burnout in teaching.

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Use beautiful binder covers to stay organized and avoid burnout in teaching.

Acknowledge Your Strengths

Everyone has strengths, so find yours. You might be a great communicator, a fantastic mathematician, an organized teacher, or a great planner. Work to those strengths and see where you can help your team and where they can help you. Discuss everyone’s strengths and see how you can all work together to get the job done so everyone can leave on time and avoid burnout in teaching.

Plan Ahead with Your Schedule

Make your schedule far in advance, so you always know what’s coming up in the classroom. I know it’s hard to plan months in advance sometimes, but as much as you can, do it. If you have been teaching for years, use lesson plans from previous years to help guide your current ones. The longer you teach, the easier this will become too. See if coworkers would like to plan together to make the task easier and less stressful as well.

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