Establishing and Maintaining Classroom Rules

It is almost that time of year again! Do you have all your posters printed and laminated? Have you thought about classroom rules and procedures?

Rules and procedures are one of the most important components of a well ran classroom.  I love having the students create their own rules, but I also find it is necessary to bring some rules to the table on the very first day! I have saved the creating process for specific activities such as group work rules, playground rules, etc… It is important to allow students to feel they have control over their learning. Having them create the rules for certain activities does just that!

Keep Your Rules Posted

It is crucial that you keep these rules posted throughout the year, so you can refer back to them.  If you haven’t already created your class rules posters, I have some you can download in my TPT store.  These are EDITABLE <– YES! You can use the rules I have made, or you can create your own using the blank background included.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS FILE FOR YOUR CLASSROOM. 

Practice The Rules & Procedures

Rules BookletIt is not going to do much good just talking about the rules at the beginning of the year.  Students need to practice what following the rules will look like. I also have the students give non examples of following the rules.  At the beginning of the year, the students create their own rules booklet! They love writing about why each rule is important, and they also get to draw what following the rule looks like to them.  Their favorite part is sharing their illustrations with the class! This rules booklet is also included in the editable rules packet!

Stay Consistent!

If a student doesn’t follow a rule, what will you do? You must communicate this to the class. Consistency in your expectations is so important in maintaining a well ran classroom. This doesn’t mean you have to scream and yell when a student doesn’t follow a rule.  I simply speak with the student and have them fill out a think sheet. I can do it with a smile. It does not require me being upset with the child.  Teaching them how to behave is a process just like teaching them how to add and subtract. In the rules packet, I have included an editable think sheet that I use throughout the year.  Students and parents are required to sign this, too. It is great for documentation!

I hope these tips have helped you think about how you will introduce and enforce classroom rules in your class.  To download this product, please click here! 


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