10 Simple Ways You Can Create & Maintain a Positive Classroom Environment

10 simple ways to Create and Maintain a positive classroom environment

Students spend the majority of their day in the classroom. So it’s only fair to create a healthy classroom environment for them to be a part of. Think about it; they are with you for an entire workday. That’s a long time. To make them feel comfortable and loved, use the ten tips below to create and maintain a positive classroom environment and community that kids will look forward to being in each day. Make sure you check out the FREEBIE at the bottom of this post!

Create and Maintain a positive classroom environment

Create a Positive Classroom Environment with Class Rules and Routines

One of the most important things to do as you leap into a new school year is to establish classroom rules. Make students aware of rules and routines and go over them regularly. Children of all ages thrive on consistency and routine.

Use fun classroom posters to display the rules. Refer to them often to remind students of expected behaviors every day. Use these Classroom Rules Posters to decorate your classroom. The editable templates allow you to use the created rules or add your own!

Create and Maintain a positive classroom environment with voice level posters
Use these posters to foster your classroom environment from day one.

Reinforce Rules Routinely Throughout the Year

On top of establishing rules, be sure you touch on the rules throughout the year. I recommend going over them AT LEAST quarterly. As the year progresses, you may have to add or edit rules to meet your needs. One of the best times to go over rules is after a vacation or break from school. Use the first day back to review regulations and add any new ones if needed.

Students will remember the rules well if they have their sheets to fill out and reflect upon. So grab these Tropical Rules Posters, Think Sheets, and Rules Booklets to reinforce important rules and routines in the classroom.

Create and Maintain a positive classroom environment with rules
Show students how the classroom environment should look with rule posters.

Keep the Classroom Organized with Drawer Labels

Many teachers utilize these 10-drawer carts! They are perfect for assigning student work, organizing craft materials, and organizing weekly lesson plans. But, no matter what you use them for, they keep your classroom organized so students and substitutes can find what they need.

My Rainbow Shine Drawer Cart Labels allow you to organize lesson plans, homework materials, center games, grading materials, and more.

Create and Maintain a positive classroom environment with drawer cart labels.
Use these drawer labels to keep your classroom environment organized.

Task the Students with Organizing and Tidying for a Positive Classroom Environment

To keep up the classroom community, make it part of the routine for students to help with organizing and tidying up after lessons. When students know where everything belongs, they can help keep the classroom running smoothly.

Ask students to put paperwork back in its home after center time or a lesson. Remind them where to set homework and assignments. You can even delegate a few students a week to monitor these routines.

Implement Classroom Jobs for a Healthy Classroom Environment

Classroom jobs are a fantastic way to foster the classroom community and show students how necessary they are to the classroom. Assign students a job for the month or the week and rotate them often so everyone gets a turn at all jobs.

These jobs can include being a light helper, a line leader, a paper organizer, a paper passer, a hall monitor, an attendance taker, and more. Assign any jobs that help things run efficiently in the classroom.

Utilize Voice Level Posters Each Day

Voice-level posters remind students to speak at appropriate levels throughout the day. Use the signs to tell students when they should be whispering, talking normally, using a presentation voice, or using their outdoor voice. All you have to do is say, “Use a voice-level 2”, and they know to talk quietly in independent centers.

My Voice Level Posters are a great addition to your classroom decor, and they will help students stay calm and focused as they work. Choose from Tropical Voice Level Posters or Boho Rainbow Voice Level Posters. The former comes with activity pages to set expectations when you introduce them.

Create and Maintain a positive classroom environment with fun posters
The voice-level posters will ensure a positive classroom environment where everyone is heard.

Make Each Student Feel Welcome with Cubby and Desk Labels

One of the easiest ways to assign students to cubbies and desks in the classroom is to give them each a student number. Print Student Numbers to display on cubbies, desks, journals, classroom jobs, and more. While the labels won’t say their names, they will know they have a specific number and role in your classroom.

These numbers are also great for making number lines, numbering groups, and much more.

Create and Maintain a positive classroom environment with student numbers
Use student numbers to foster a positive classroom environment with routine and organization.

Establish and Maintain Morning Routines in the Classroom Environment

Create a positive classroom environment by establishing morning routines students can count on. For example, use a calendar or morning meeting time to start the day. This is an excellent opportunity to check in on students. See how they are feeling and notice if any students need something. Many teachers use this time to get kids socially and emotionally regulated for the day.

Use End of Day Routines

Similarly to a morning meeting routine, an end-of-day practice can send the kids home in a great mood. Use the last ten to fifteen minutes of the day to reflect on great things that happened, something that can be worked on, and what to expect tomorrow. It’s also great to chit-chat and let them be kids with you. They will appreciate your time to give them the attention they may not receive elsewhere.

Create and Stick to a To-Do List

I always have sticky notes covering my desk! These To-Do lists are a lifesaver in organizing my personal and work life. They’re great to leave on your desk, pin to the fridge, or share with students and peers. You can use these FREE To-Do Lists at home or in the classroom to keep your life organized. Find them below in my Freebie Vault!

Create and Maintain a positive classroom environment with a to-do list
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10 simple ways to Create and Maintain a positive classroom environment
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