Creative Christmas Classroom Door Decorations and Bulletin Board Ideas for the Holidays

Christmas classroom door decorations

I am SO ready for the holidays. They are always filled with tons of happiness and cheer! To get students in the mood for the winter holidays, decorate your classroom with fun and interactive ideas. Christmas classroom door decorations and bulletin boards are a fun way to make the room festive and to get the kids involved. I created a list of super fun ideas you and your students will enjoy!

Christmas classroom door decorations

How to Involve Students in the Decorating

Sure, you can throw up decorations by yourself each year, and the kids will love them, but make them more meaningful using a little bit of their help. I don’t mean having them stand on chairs and tape things to the walls. I mean inviting them to make their own holiday and winter crafts to display around the room.

When kids feel like they are part of the process, they will have a greater appreciation for the decorations, the classroom, and the community they are a part of. Including them in the decorating will show them how much you care about them and what they can do. They may not get this involvement at home, so take full advantage in the classroom.

Bulletin Board Ideas for the Holidays

As you prepare your classroom for the holidays, consider using a bulletin board display that involves the creativity of your students. Here are three different bulletin board ideas your kids will love. They also double as fun Christmas classroom door decorations.

Christmas Bulletin Board Kit – Wish your kids and the rest of the school a Merry Christmas from the smart cookies in your classroom. Students will decorate their gingerbread boy or girl and attach their faces to be placed on the wall.

Christmas classroom door decorations
A fun Christmas classroom door decoration or bulletin board idea for December.

Winter Bulletin Board Kit – Welcome in Sweater Weather using this winter bulletin board and craft. The kids get to decorate their sweaters and attach their smiling faces to them. It’s such a cozy decoration for any door or wall.

Christmas classroom door decorations
This bulletin board kit is perfect for a Christmas classroom door decoration or any month in winter.

Snowman Bulletin Board Kit – Use this bulletin board kit all winter long. Students get to create their snowmen with their faces on them. Don’t forget the pretty snowflakes and printable letters!

Christmas classroom door decorations
Use this Christmas classroom door decoration during any month it snows for some fun decor.

If you don’t want the entire bulletin board kit, just use the craft pieces to adorn your classroom door. They make the perfect Christmas classroom door decorations and will let other teachers and students know who is in the class!

Each kit comes with borders, letters, printable decorations, and pieces for the craft!

Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

I am a sucker for using the same displays year after year. I love saving paper and reusing them, so I don’t have to print and cut the materials again and again. Here are some ideas I’ve used and heard from fellow teachers.

  • Bulletin Board Pieces Bag – This bag or tote is perfect for storing bulletin board letters. Just laminate your decorations and store them in the bag with dividers.
  • Expandable Accordion Box – Use a divided box to store your letters. You won’t be able to store large pieces, but they will work perfectly for the pieces in my bulletin board kits listed on this post.
  • Roll Up with Rubberbands – If you have larger bulletin board pieces, try rolling them up and securing them with a rubber band. Label them with a sticky note or card, so you know what they are for future years.
  • Hang Them Up – Hang the bulletin board pieces up using large binder clips. Group them together based on the board they are meant for, and hang one part of the clip from a hook or push pin.

Save Time Decorating

I know you have minimal time on your hands as a teacher, so anything that will save time is helpful. Decorating takes time, but it doesn’t have to take forever. Save time decorating by allowing students to help with the process either by hanging things up with you or by being involved in the crafts.

You can also save time by using the same materials every year. Laminate your bulletin board pieces and store them away until the next winter. You won’t have to print and cut every single piece.

Additionally, you can save time by hanging up a few things every day or several items each week leading up to the holidays. Make a list of everything you want up, and slowly put them out as you enter the classroom or before you leave for the day.

Where to Buy Christmas Classroom Door Decorations

My favorite place to buy decorations (and supplies) for the classroom is the Dollar Store. They always have themed items that make easy desk toppers or wall hanging for the door, bulletin board, or wall. Plus, they are super cheap! The kids can quickly help hang these up as each holiday approaches.

Another of my favorite places is, of course, Target. Their clearance section at the back of the store and the Dollar Spot has some incredible, cheap decorations for primary education classrooms. I always watch for their deals to save money!

Walmart always has a great holiday section as well. Near me, it’s right next to the front doors, so you can’t miss it. I always peruse the aisles just in case some clearance items will work for upcoming holidays and events.

Making the Most of Your Christmas Classroom Door Decorations

No matter how you decide to decorate your classroom for the holidays, students will love that you put in the effort. Invite them to help or surprise them with a winter wonderland. They will appreciate the fact that you took the time to make their holidays special.

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Christmas classroom door decorations
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