Get Creative this Easter: 7 Fun and Crafty Easter Ideas That Will Bring Joy to Your Classroom

Crafty Easter Ideas for Kids - 7 fun ideas

Spring and Easter are always full of great memories and happiness. We’re coming out of the chilly, gloomy weather and approaching warmer sunnier times. I always get so excited to share the possibilities of spring with the kids. We talk about spring animals, blooming flowers, and all the things we’ll be able to do outdoors. So bring joy to your classroom with these seven exciting crafty Easter ideas for kids. They’re perfect for any elementary classroom and will bring brighten the classroom just in time for spring.

Crafty Easter Ideas for Kids - Ideas for the classroom

Create an Easter Bulletin Board for the Classroom

One of my favorite crafty Easter ideas is to decorate the room or hallway with adorable spring things. When I think of Easter, I think of bunnies, eggs, and colorful flowers. Add these elements to your walls with a fun Easter bulletin board. This bulletin board kit includes a banner, wording, decorative pieces, and a fun craft.

Crafty Easter Ideas for Kids - Easter peeps
The kids will love making their own peeps as fun crafty Easter ideas for spring.

The kids put their faces on the bunnies, creating a sense of community in the classroom. Of course, the students always love seeing their smiling faces on the wall.

Crafty Easter Ideas for Kids - bulletin board
Show your students how loved they are using these crafty Easter ideas for your wall!

Get Busy with Watercolor Egg Painting

Fun crafts are a great way to excite the kids for a holiday and to practice fine motor skills in the lower elementary grades. Grab white printer paper or construction paper, white crayons, and watercolor paints. Have the kids draw a large egg shape on their paper with the white crayon. Then, invite them to decorate it with stripes, squiggles, designs, or words (still using the white crayon). Once they are done, have them paint over the egg with watercolor paints. The paints won’t cover the white crayon marks, leaving you with an adorable egg craft. Finally, I let the kids cut the eggs out and hang them from the windows to let the light shine through.

Create Simple Potato Stamp Paints

Want to get a little messy? Buy a sack of potatoes and cut them each in half. Next, use a knife or fork to etch designs into the flesh of the potato. Then, let students paint the stripes or designs using acrylic paint. Finally, press the potato down onto the paper to leave cute little egg marks. It’s a simple way to craft for Easter.

Make an Edible Peep Dirt Cup Snack

Dirt cups are a super simple way to celebrate almost any holiday. Grab your favorite pudding mix and snack cookies. We love to use crushed Oreos and chocolate pudding. To get crafty with this Easter idea, use shredded coconut with green food coloring for grass. Place the pudding into a small cup, and top it with cookie crumbs and green grass. Finish it off with a tasty Peep bunny or chick!

Add Writing to Your Crafty Easter Ideas

One of the simplest ways to incorporate writing into your daily routine is to pair it with a fun craft. For example, let your kids decorate Easter eggs and add their writing pieces to the center. Use the blank writing templates (differentiated for varying writing levels) or a fun writing prompt. Some include:

  • If an Easter egg could talk, it would say …
  • Create & sell a magic egg (use the long writing template to create an ad for selling your egg)
  • My favorite part about Easter is …
  • I couldn’t believe it when the egg broke open … (spooky or funny story)
Crafty Easter Ideas for Kids
Kids get super creative with these crafty Easter ideas for the classroom. I mean, check out the pizzas!

Use Plastic Eggs to Bring Your Crafty Easter Ideas to Life

Grab a bunch of plastic Easter eggs and use the two halves to practice math and literacy skills. Write an equation on the top and the answer on the bottom. Students must match the two pieces. Other great ideas include matching sight words, contractions, and synonyms.

Practice Fine Motor Skills with Brightly Colored Yarn Eggs

No matter your students’ ages, fine motor skills are always an important thing to work on for handwriting and dexterity. All you need for this crafty Easter idea are some cardboard egg cutouts and yarn. Using any piece of cardboard you have, cut small egg shapes for the kids to use. The kids will glue a piece of yarn to their cardboard and then wrap the yarn around the egg until the whole egg is covered. Tie the string off or hot glue it to the egg to keep it all wrapped up.

Incorporate these crafty Easter ideas in your classroom to excite kids for the coming of spring and the Easter holiday. Add the activities to morning meetings, free time, lesson plans for writing, or just for fun. They are also perfect for spring classroom celebrations and parties if you do those! I hope you enjoy these exciting ideas.

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Crafty Easter Ideas for Kids - 7 fun ideas
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