How to Use Classroom Fun Timers to Your Advantage Any Time of Year

How to use classroom fun timers with your students.

Classrooms run on routines and schedules. Teachers have to get as much as they can in each day! Sometimes, it seems impossible. Did you know that classroom fun timers will save the day?

Using fun timers to keep routines in check, students and teachers can focus on the tasks instead of the time. You don’t have to use big, clunky timers; you can use tools on your computer! There are many timer options and different ways to use them to your advantage!

Classroom Fun Timers for kids.

I’d like to share a collection of classroom fun-timers that teachers love. Some can be found online, and others coordinate perfectly with my Classroom Decor! Take a look at some fun ideas below!

When to Use Classroom Timers

Whether you are a new or practiced teacher, you must find balance in the classroom. Timers can help keep everything on track. They allow you to focus on the children in front of you while kids manage their responsibilities. Here are some common ways to use timers in the classroom.

Set a timer to indicate the start and finish of math and literacy rotations. These might be 10, 15, or 20 minutes long, depending on your students, their needs, and the length of your academic blocks.

Start a timer to let kids know when a lunch period begins and ends. If you eat in the classroom with your students, this will give them an idea of how slowly or quickly to eat their food.

Use timers to practice independent speaking lessons. If your kids are working on any type of public speaking, you can use a timer to let them know how much time they have left.

Put a timer on during clean-up. Make clean-up fun and see if kids can beat the clock as they clean up their materials or messes.

Classroom Fun Timers with Music

Depending on your classroom atmosphere, some light music may help students stay focused and quiet while they work. These timers offer different time increments with calm music playing in the background. Pull them up when it’s time for work to begin, and students know to clean up when the timer goes off.

10 Minute Timer

15 Minute Timer

30 Minute Timer

Use Adorable Slides with Classroom Fun Timers Built In

Many teachers already use PowerPoint Slides or Google Slides to teach their lessons. Instead of having multiple tabs open and losing some throughout the day, use slides that have timers built in. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is!

Boho Rainbow PowerPoint Slide Timers

Set expectations for the day and outline materials needed for tasks with slides like these. Set the timer for your desired time and customize the slides for day-to-day activities.

Boho Rainbow Classroom Fun Timers
The Boho Rainbow Classroom Fun Timers provide a calm visual for kids during lessons, transitions, and more.

Rainbow Sunshine PowerPoint Slide Timers

Display the agenda for the day with timers to keep kids accountable. They will be able to see things they need and what to expect out of the day.

Rainbow sunshine classroom fun timers
The Rainbow Sunshine Classroom Fun Timers are a great addition to a bright, cheery classroom.

Bright PowerPoint Slide Timers

The customizable slides make it easy to use the slides from morning through afternoon. Put them up during morning meetings and use them throughout the day. Then, use them to close out another wonderful day.

Bright Classroom Fun Timers
These Bright Classroom Fun Timers are super fun for all grade levels.

Spring PowerPoint Slide Timers

The spring collection will put smiles on student’s faces as the weather warms up. The calm colors don’t add too much chaos and go well with any classroom.

Spring classroom fun timers
The Spring Classroom Fun Timers will bring some sunshine into the room.

PowerPoint Timer Slides Bundle

If you are looking for slide timers for every season and occasion, check out the editable bundle. Use it annually to display daily routines, reminders, welcome messages, and timers.

Classroom fun timers bundle.
Use the Classroom Fun Timers Bundle to switch things up throughout the year.

Using classroom fun timers to keep the day running smoothly will help you avoid teacher burnout each year. Customize the slides to meet your needs, and never worry about fitting everything into the day again. The timers will help keep everything on track!

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How to use classroom fun timers with your students.
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