How to Use U.S. President Themed Classroom Decor for February

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Whenever Presidents’ Day comes around, do you struggle to figure out what to teach? There are so many presidents and so little time. If you are starting to plan fun and educational classroom ideas themed around U.S. Presidents, this post is for you. Let’s explore creative ways to use U.S. president bulletin borders, information, and resources to transform your classroom into a presidential wonderland. See how themed classroom decor can also be educational!

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Deck the Halls with Presidential Facts

Transform your classroom into a presidential museum by decorating the walls with bulletin borders featuring interesting facts about past US presidents. You can create engaging, age-appropriate posters highlighting essential facts like their names, birthplaces, and a fun tidbit. Use colorful, child-friendly fonts and images to make the information more appealing to young learners.

To make it even more interactive, have the kids do some research. Let each of them select a president to research and post their findings. Print off images or let the kids draw their depictions. Beneath their artwork, add any fun facts the kids will enjoy sharing.

Presidential Reading and Writing Adventures

Encourage your students to read and write about the presidents. Create a presidential-themed reading corner with books about US presidents, and set up writing stations where children can draft short stories or poems about their favorite president. You can also hold a mini “presidential election” in your classroom to engage the kids in the democratic process and encourage them to write about their ideas and preferences.

Themed classroom decor Washington craft
Kids will love this President Washington themed classroom decor craft

This is a great way to incorporate opinion and persuasive writing in young classrooms. It’s also an excellent way to work on informational writing. It goes both ways, depending on what your students are working on! Allow students to read fun books, magazines, and articles and share what they learned through opinion or informational writing!

Use these adorable President writing crafts to display student writing! Once the kids complete their writing pieces, they can add their crafts to the top! Choose from George Washington, Abe Lincoln, and Barack Obama.

Themed classroom decor Obama craft
Use this President Obama themed classroom decor craft with your kids

Use the Presidents Day Craft bundle to celebrate during February and add fun writing activities for research, facts, opinions, and more.

Presidents’ Day Celebration

February’s third Monday marks Presidents’ Day in the US. This is a day to honor the contributions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two iconic presidents. Explain the day’s significance to your young learners and discuss how it’s celebrated across the US, such as parades, educational events, and historical reenactments. You can even organize a small, age-appropriate “Presidents’ Day Parade” within your classroom.

While the day celebrates early presidents, we recognize the contributions of all as we learn! Feel free to add in mini-lessons about any presidents you wish! The kids will enjoy learning about our country’s history.

US-Themed Classroom Decor, Activities, and Games

You can incorporate free activities and games into your Presidents’ Day curriculum to make learning fun and interactive. Websites like the National Park Service offer free printable activities, coloring pages, and interactive games related to US history that are perfect for young children. Encourage your students to explore these resources in the classroom and at home.

If you like digital resources, try this Presidents’ Day Word Search by! The kids will get a kick out of finding the presidential words on their laptops and devices. Assign the word search for a fun technology center.

Cheap decor can always be found at the Dollar Store or your local craft store. Head over to the store during January, and you’ll find red, white, and blue themed classroom decor that can also be used for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and more!

Fun U.S. President Books for Young Learners

Here’s a brief list of fun US president books for preschool, kindergarten, first, and second-grade kids. Kids of all ages will love them!

These books are educational and entertaining, making them perfect additions to your Presidents’ Day celebration. Use them to start a lesson or to wrap up a fun week!

FREE Presidents’ Day Scavenger Hunt

Hands-on activities are always a blast. Try adding this scavenger hunt to your list of to-dos on the lesson plan. Let the kids explore the classroom and find fun facts about presidents independently or with a team. This is perfect for grades three and up! Grab the FREEBIE from the Freebie Vault below.

Scavenger hunt themed classroom decor
Kids will enjoy these scavenger hunt themed classroom decor pieces.

Explore A Touch of Class Teaching

So, there you have it, excellent teachers! A classroom adorned with presidential decorations, engaging activities, and a touch of history can turn February into an unforgettable learning experience for your young students. Let’s celebrate Presidents’ Day with enthusiasm, curiosity, and the love of learning!

Keep up the fantastic work you do in shaping the minds of the future. Happy Presidents’ Day, and remember, you are simply incredible!

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