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Math Writing Response Strategy

Helping Students Organize Their Writing in Math Class

With the shift to Common Core standards, I found that students were required to not only work math problems, but explain them as well. My students struggled with how to create an organized structure for these writing responses. This is when I came up with RAPS. I have seen multiple, similar strategies that help students remember what to include in their writing responses. This one works well for my students, and I hope you find it useful in your classroom as well.  Basically, the students remember R A P S, and apply this when responding to the questions that require written responses in math class. 

R – Restate

A – Answer

P – Prove

S- Spelling, punctuation, capitalization

I decided to include “spelling, capitalization, and punctuation” as a motivating reminder for students to write correctly. Whether or not you assess this as a math grade is completely up to you! Personally, I like to encourage writing across the curriculum.

Free Resource For Your Classroom

I am offering a FREE resource at my TPT store.  This resource includes posters, a graphic organizer, a rubric, and a flipbook.  I hve implemented this strategy in my classroom and I have truly seen a difference! It has given my students an easy tool to use to remember how to structure their responses. 

I recently received a comment from Karen,  a college professor, that said, 

A good activity to use even in an intermediate writing class in a community college. It’s helpful to show students how writing is important in every subjective.


Wow! I’m so glad it worked well for her!  If you would like this for free, click the photo below.


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