My Favorite Desk Chairs

My family recently moved into our new house and I finally have an office! Woohoo! New office — new desk chair!!

As I am typing this, I have yet to actually purchase one. I have read three bazillion reviews on office chairs, and I have checked every desk-selling-chair website known to man.. I swear it!

Here are the final contenders, and I would love to hear your input! Which one should I go with?

  1. Viers Task Chair – The gray color of this will match anything. My home has a lot of neutral colors, so it will blend right in. The metal part only comes in silver in the gray though. I like this chair because it swivels, it lifts up and down, and it has arm rests.
  2. Chapdelaine Velvet Task Chair – This one is similar to the first, and I believe it is created by the same company. The only differences are the size of the back, the color, and this one is about 50 bucks cheaper!
  3. Strouse Task Chair – So this one reminds me of the wild wild west meets a lawyers office chair. LOL! I really like the silver detail. It makes it looks a bit fancier, and I think it would fit my home well. A con — the price is a little more than the others, and there are not arm rests.
  4. Louise Task Chair – Kelly Clarkson is the designer behind this one, and I love me some Kelly. I also really like the size of this chair. It seems super large and comfy. The reviews are great too.
  5. Eckard Task Chair – This one is the most expensive of the bunch, but I do think it has that pricier look to it as well. I love how the front of the chair is rounded, but I think it would be nice if it had arm rests.
  6. Vandermark Task Chair – Oh how I love the look of this one, but I have three kids and a cat… sooo.. I’m not too sure about the color. The price is pretty much in the middle in comparison to the others. Reviews are great, too.

Okay, folks! Which one is it going to be? Feel free to comment with your favorite or head on over to my instagram to see which one I chose!

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