Spice Up Your Life With 12 Spring Classroom Decor Ideas That Make Everyone Smile

New Spring classroom decor to make you smile

Everyone gets some spring fever in and out of the classroom! We get sick of the cold weather and are ready to enjoy the sunshine! This can be difficult when so much has to be done in the classroom. That’s where spring classroom decor comes in! It brightens the room without even opening a window! Continue reading to see how to use spring classroom decor to chase away the winter blues.

New Spring classroom decor to make you smile

Picture this: You’re teaching a lesson, surrounded by faded posters, an outdated word wall, and artwork leftover from winter. Your students stare off into space, barely hearing what you say.

They need a little something to spice up their learning!

This is where spring classroom decor comes in to save the day! Using crafts, artwork, writing, and bulletin board printables, your walls will go from drab to fab really fast.

Look at the fun spring decor options I love using in my classroom and see how beneficial they can be to your space. Don’t forget to check out the new Spring Bulletin Board Decor Bundle at the end of the post as well!

Spring Writing Crafts Kids Will Love

Let’s get started with some crafts that incorporate writing! While kids love doing crafts for the fun of it, it’s always more enticing when there’s some writing to go with it. This makes is a learning experience, relatable, and personable!

Earth Day Writing Craft

An Earth Day Writing Craft is the perfect way to kick off spring! Flowers are blooming, the little animals are out, and the sun is shining. Teach kids to take care of the planet using this adorable craft and writing page. There are several writing templates to go with the globe, making it great for kids of all ages!

Spring classroom decor - earth day
Earth Day is a great time to add spring classroom decor to your to-do list.

Easter Egg Writing Craft

You can’t get through spring without celebrating Easter! What better way than to let kids decorate an Easter egg? Print off the egg template and let kids design their adorable patterns and shells. Then, attach a writing template to discuss their favorite parts of Easter.

Spring classroom decor - easter 2
Kids will enjoy decorating their Easter eggs to adorn the walls.

Mother’s Day Writing Craft

To celebrate mothers, create this bouquet of flowers and gift it to the women in our lives we love. Add a special note to let mom know how much we love her. The craft and writing template make a cute card that can be given any time of year, but is perfect for spring.

Spring classroom decor - mother's day
Don’t forget our mothers! Use this cute craft to welcome in spring.

St. Patrick’s Day Writing Craft

With spring come the leprechauns! Watch out for them and their tricky ways and create this cute craft. Use the writing template to talk about how kids can catch a leprechaun or share why they think they are lucky. Decorate your walls with these green pranksters for fun spring classroom decor.

Spring classroom decor - leprechaun
Catch those pesky leprechauns and write all about it!

Spring Writing Craft Bundle

If you want a variety of crafts to complete during spring, try using the Spring Crafts Bundle. You’ll find a butterfly, tulip, umbrella, and bumble bee! Each is great for springtime weather and can be used in many different ways. Write about your favorite part of spring, how butterflies grow and change, or how bees make honey. The options are endless.

Spring classroom decor - spring bundle
Use the spring crafts bundle to get kids excited for the warmer weather.

Spring Classroom Decor Options

Decorating for spring in the classroom will put everyone in a great mood. All you need are the right materials and a little bit of help. That’s where my bulletin board kits come into play! Take a look at these.

Retro March Bulletin Board

If you’re into the retro look, use these groovy shamrocks to start spring in March! Use the bulletin board principles to create your border, lettering, and everything in between. The kit has everything you need.

Spring classroom decor - clovers
Kick off March with this cute Spring Classroom Decor.

Retro Easter Bulletin Board

Want to get kids excited for spring? Use this spring classroom decor option for a retro vibe, tons of color, and many smiles. Everyone loves the cute bunny with sunglasses! I mean, who wouldn’t?

Spring classroom decor - easter
Hop into spring with this cute bulletin board.

Groovy Spring Bulletin Board

Sometimes, all a spring bulletin board needs is a little song. Add the letters and images from this bulletin board kit, and everyone will be sure to sing along as they read the words! It’s a classic and always brightens my mood.

Spring classroom decor - retro spring
Everyone will be singing this song as they walk by your bulletin board.

Hello Spring Bulletin Board

Grab this kit for a piece of spring classroom decor that screams classroom community! Kids make cute little ladybugs with their faces on them. Pin them up on a bulletin board or wall, and they will adore seeing their bright, smiling faces every time they walk by.

Spring classroom decor - hello spring
Welcome spring with cute ladybugs and this amazing spring classroom decor option.

Easter Bulletin Board

Some people like to eat peeps, and others like to use them as spring decor! I’m the latter! Use this bright and cheerful bulletin board kit to welcome spring and make your little ones feel at home. They will find it hilarious to see their faces on little bunny peeps for spring.

Spring classroom decor - peeps
Get ready for Easter with this cute spring classroom decor idea.

St. Patrick’s Day Bulletin Board

Don’t forget to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day using silly leprechauns. Kids will get to see how lucky you are to be their teacher and they are to be your student with this cheery display. Use it for the month of March to welcome in spring.

Spring classroom decor - march
We truly are lucky! Show kids how much you care with this March board.

April Door Decor Bundle

Last but not least, try using the pieces of this April Door Decor and Bulletin Board Bundle. You will find bulletin board pieces to create this adorable display. It has everything you need to create the lettering, borders, images, and more.

New Spring classroom decor to make you smile
Kids will love this bright, colorful bulletin board!

Then, use the cute newsletters to decorate your walls and keep families up to date! Kids will love the spring vibes these handouts provide!

New Spring classroom decor to make you smile
Cute spring newsletters to communicate home!

Use sping slides to display important information, brain break ideas, schedules, lessons, and more! They are perfect for starting the day on the right foot, as well as transitions and reviews at the end of the day.

New Spring classroom decor to make you smile - slides
Use the spring slides to get kids started for the day, monitor transitions, and do fun review.

Next, grab the spring letters (uppercase and lowercase) to write any message you wish on your classroom walls. These letters are sure to brighten your classroom as the weather warms up.

New Spring classroom decor to make you smile
Use these printable letters to decorate your walls!

These door decks are a great way to build classroom community among your students. Use the cute printables to make your classroom a welcoming place for all kids.

New Spring classroom decor to make you smile - door decor
The door decor will welcome students in with a smile!

When the dreariness of winter threatens you with the blues, use these cheerful decor pieces to save the day! I hope they bring you and your students tons of joy.

New Spring classroom decor to make you smile
Adorable spring posters for your walls!

Finally, use the adorable spring posters to adorn your walls with joy this spring. Kids will enjoy seeing the motivation and sweet posters on the wall as they work on mastering skills.

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New Spring classroom decor to make you smile
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