Substitute Teacher Feedback Form

I am going to be absent tomorrow, and I must say, the above meme is absolutely true! It takes much more effort for me to miss than it does for me to actually work! (Don’t worry! I am not sick, I just have a car appointment that I had to schedule early in the day.) 

Can You Relate to This?

I leave extremely detailed notes for my sub because I know substitute teaching is a tough job!  I also love to hear how the substitute teacher’s day went. It is nice to know which students were helpful (so I can reward them) and which students were not-so-helpful (so they can experience some less exciting consequences/developmental guidance.)  

Substitute Teacher Feedback Form

This brings me to the “Substitute Teacher Feedback Form”.  Some subs will leave a nice note, but others won’t leave anything.  For this reason, I always leave a very short – and – sweet feedback form for the these teachers to fill out. I have never had a teacher not fill it out, and it is always very helpful to me!  I would love to share this resource with you.  To download, just click the image below.  

For you substitute teachers out there:  What a wonderful way to provide feedback to a teacher. I would love it if a sub tool the initiative to bring this form with him/her to my classroom!  







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