Ways to Enhance Education Using 50+ Posters in the Classroom

50 + posters in the classroom

Posters are a fantastic tool used in primary education classrooms around the world. They’re used to display academic concepts, remind students of rules and procedures, and to add some color to the room. Poster in the classroom are an impactful way to teach students, create a calming environment for the kids, and add a little fun all at the same time.

My Calm Pastel Classroom Decor MEGA Bundle has tons of posters for the classroom. The calming colors don’t add too much to the walls and there’s a little of something for every subject in grade kindergarten to second grade! Take a look …

Enhance teaching with posters in the classroom

Why are Posters in the Classroom Important?

Posters are a great tool to help students learn and retain information they are taught. They are also wonderful motivators and visual aids to help with behavior and academic progress. Bulletin boards create opportunities for building community and open the doors to meaningful discussions. There’s no limit to how helpful posters can be.

Posters for Math

Math posters in the classroom make it easy for students to practice their skills. Hanging the concepts up on the wall allows for kids to refer to them during independent work times, small group times, or centers. The Calm Pastel Bundle has everything from shapes to numbers to multiplication and more. Here’s what you can find related to math!

posters in the classroom bundle
The calendar and number line are great options for posters in the classroom!

Posters for Literacy

Just like math, the literacy posters included in the Calm Pastel Bundle are great for teaching. These posters help students with their alphabet as well as writing complex texts. Teachers in all grades will enjoy using the resources provided.

Calendar posters in the classroom and more
Use the binder labels and alphabet posters in the classroom to make teaching easier.

Decorative Posters

I love decorating the classroom with nice things! These posters make it easy to create classroom community. The Welcome Banner and the “Everyone Belongs” resources show students that a classroom is a family. The individualized labels make it easy for students to recognize their own space as well. The Calm Pastel posters in the classroom invite kids into every corner of the room.

Using posters in the classroom
The drawer cart organizers and teacher toolbox are great resources alongside posters in the classroom.

Classroom Procedures

As you hang posters in the classroom, be sure to include classroom procedures, rules, and routines. Having a visual is a great way for students to see how to behave and how they can be helpful throughout the day. The posters make teaching simple!

Brand new posters in the classroom
Try using the Welcome posters in the classroom, as well as the calendar, voice level posters, organizational tools, and more.

Adding posters in the classroom can involve lots of shopping around, downloading, printing, and cutting. With the Calm Pastel Bundle, you get a little of everything and all of the displays match! If you’re like me and you enjoy having everything mesh, this MEGA bundle is for you!

I hope you enjoy the Calm Pastel posters in the classroom as much as I enjoyed making them.

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50 + posters in the classroom
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