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Do your students come in on Monday morning just buzzing about their weekends?  Are they anxious to tell you every single detail about their days?  That’s fine if you only have one or two kiddos to share this experience with, but when you have 20 + students, it can be difficult! How can you look at those kids and tell them you don’t have the time to listen?  I struggled this year with finding the time to listen to my students share their stories.  I felt terrible when I had to cut some of them off because we had to get started on our learning. That is when I came up with “Weekend News”.  

Great Bellringer Activity

I always try to have something ready for my students to work on as soon as they
come in during the mornings.  This gets them focused and ready to learn.  With the Weekend News activity, students draw a picture of something they did over the weekend then write a paragraph describing the event. 

Serves Many Purposes

This activity does multiple things.  It helps the students with writing, and it gives them an opportunity to share  events that happened during the weekend. Reading their writings helps me learn about their lives. 
I love hearing about my students and what their lives are like outside of school. I am sure to comment on their papers, and they absolutely love it!
This activity can also be implemented during centers, for early finishers, before dismissal, etc… You can use it anytime during your day. Feel free to modify to meet your needs.  
To download this activity for free, click the image below! 

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