Which Supplies Should I Use? A List of 10 Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies for Teachers

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies

Looking for a one-stop shop for classroom bulletin board supplies that will make life easier when it comes to putting up new wall decor? I have just the items for you!

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies

Let me know if you have experienced this: You spend all this time searching for the perfect bulletin board display for the classroom and get excited to see it up on the wall. You print everything off, cut all the pieces out, and staple them up on the cork board, only to realize your text is crooked, and you ran out of bulletin border. Ugh!

I’m here to show you some tips I’ve learned over the years and handy tools that make this process SO much easier!

If you want to make beautiful displays with ease, keep reading!

My Favorite Bulletin Board Supplies

Before I tell you how to hang up your bulletin board perfectly, here’s a list of my favorite tools that simplify the process!

The Best Scissors in the Entire World

These scissors are so sharp and cut so nicely that I always have to have them on hand. I love them so much I have a pair at home as well!

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - scissors
These scissors are the best of my bulletin board supplies for so many invaluable reasons.

Mini Paper Cutter

I use the paper cutter to trim borders and background items. It’s small so I can move it around instead of heading to the staff workroom to cut out my pieces.

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - mini paper cutter
Use the mini paper cutter when slicing smaller pieces of paper for your supplies.

Personal Paper Trimmer

This trimmer is great to have but takes up more space. It’s a great tool to have to share among your grade level.

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - paper cutter
Bulletin board supplies always include a large paper cutter for big projects.

Twine or String

Use the twine to extend from one side of the board to the other. I hang the decorative pieces up on it or little pictures from the students.

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - Twine
Use twine to make your bulletin boards pop!

Mini Clothespins

Small clothespins are a fun way to hang decor pieces and pictures from twine on your bulletin board. I like getting them in a variety of colors to change them for each season.

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - clothespins
These tiny clothespins are a fabulous way to make putting up your bulletin board supplies simple.

Bulletin Board Paper

This fake wooden background doesn’t fade and looks great with virtually any bulletin board theme. Put it up on your board and leave it behind all your themes!

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - bulletin background
Use this bulletin background to make all of your themes amazing!

Thermal Laminator

I like to laminate my pieces to reuse them each year. If you don’t have a laminator, it’s a game-changer for all things classroom-related!

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - laminator
Laminate everything under the sun with this handy bulletin board supply.

Laser Level

Use this digital level to project the center of your board for you. Instead of using an old-fashioned level, this will take a few steps! It draws a line for you, making it super simple to use.

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - laser level and measuring tape
This laser level and measuring tape are life savers in your bulletin board supplies toolbox.


You most likely already have these in your classroom, but they provide a simple way to organize your lettering before putting up your decor. Even if you don’t use them for bulletin boards, they’re great to have on hand.

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - post-its
I love having sticky notes on hand for my bulletin board supplies each year.

Classroom Decor Bundles

Last but not least, I love pre-made bulletin board kits. Having materials that I can print, laminate, and display with ease makes like so simple in the classroom. You’ll love all of the seasonal classroom decor kits in my shop!

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - full year seasonal kit
This year-long kit is a fantastic solution to your bulletin board woes!

Simple Steps for Putting Up a Bulletin Board … The Easy Way

Ok, here’s how I put up my bulletin boards each time! This isn’t for everyone, but it ensures that all of the pieces are centered and appropriately spaced. If you’re like me and like to have everything perfect, you’ll love this method.

First, measure the width of your board or space on the wall.

Then, put a Post-it note in the center. This marks the middle so you can work outward.

Next, lay all of your pieces or letters out on the ground. Find the center of the letters and put that up where you marked with a Post-it earlier. From there, you will work outwards until all of the letters or pieces are up.

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies - spring
This spring bulletin board kit will surely brighten your classroom.

Starting in the center helps me visualize everything; as I work toward the edges, everything evens itself out!

There you have it: The classroom bulletin board supplies to hang up my decor and the steps I take to do it! I hope you can benefit from using the same tools and steps.

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Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies
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