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Winter PowerPoint Backgrounds

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How I use Winter Powerpoint Background Templates in My Classroom

Using Winter PowerPoint backgrounds has made my life so much easier. I have saved so much time using premade PowerPoint templates, and I have learned so many ways to use these festive & fun Winter PowerPoint backgrounds. Today I am going to share 5 ways you can use PowerPoint templates in the classroom.

Just like decorating our classrooms/homes is fun, inviting, and just plain good for the soul, using decorative & themed PowerPoint templates are fun for teachers and students alike.

I use Powerpoint and Google Slides templates in multiple ways. Today I am going to share 5 ways I like to use Winter PowerPoint Templates as a resource and classroom management tool for my classroom.

1. Welcome & Good Morning PowerPoint Presentations

Winter PowerPoint Backgrounds
Google Slides Winter Theme Templates are also included.

Do you do a Morning Message each morning? It’s a great way to build relationships with students. I love using Winter PowerPoint Templates to create & display my very own, customized Morning Message each morning. Recently, I have been exporting my welcome slides as PDFs and using these Winter themed PowerPoint templates for virtual learning.

2. Using Winter PowerPoint Background Templates for Entry & Exit Tickets

Winter PowerPoint Backgrounds
Winter PowerPoint Background Being Used to Create Entry Tickets

For many years, I taught upper elementary and middle school. Entry tickets saved my sanity. It allowed the students to come in, sit down, and get started. What a great classroom management tool! Entry tickets also served as valuable assessment pieces, and I was able to integrate “MATH TALK” everytime we did a math entry ticket. Later in my career, I began using exit tickets as well. Students placed their ticket in a colored basket depending on their level of understanding as they left my classroom.

The last few years, I switched all my entry and exit tickets to digital. I began creating simple entry and exit tickets on editable PowerPoint and Google Slides templates each day. Sometimes I would literally type it in that morning! I would give the students generic entry and exit ticket forms each time. I just made plenty of copies of the forms and they kids got in the routine of copying down and finishing their entry/exit ticket that was projected on the board.

This routine was a simple way for me to prepare (without a ton of copying and creating,) and the students thrived on the routine because they knew what to expect!

3. Celebrate Successes Using PowerPoint Templates

Winter PowerPoint Backgrounds
Winter PowerPoint Templates Being Used to Celebrate Successes!

We have been teaching virtually for a few weeks now. I love being able to project and share my “Leader of the Week” on my screen using editable winter Powerpoint Backgrounds. The text is quick and easy to change, and it looks so nice and fun for the kiddos.

This can also be done in the classroom by projecting your students’ names that you want to celebrate. There is no better feeling than seeing your name written for all to see! Talk about proud! 🙂

4. Using Winter PowerPoint Background Templates to Share Weekly Lessons

Winter PowerPoint Backgrounds
Use This Winter PowerPoint Background to Communicate Weekly Assignments

Two words — virtual learning. I could write a whole blog post on how I use PowerPoint and Google Slides winter themed templates during distance learning. Seriously. One way I will share is how I use the PowerPoint template to create a weekly slide that outlines the assignments and expectations for the week. Students and parents know what to expect and it helps me to stay organized as well.

5. Using PowerPoint to Guide Instruction

Winter PowerPoint Backgrounds
Guide Instruction Using Winter Themed PowerPoint Templates

Whether teaching virtually or in person, these winter themed PowerPoint templates can be used all day. I usually get my slides ready the week before. Okay, that is a lie. They are usually ready the night before. I even use the winter PowerPoint backgrounds to organize my centers and rotations! I found this wireless presenter remote, so I can sit at my small group table and click to the next slide to show the students where to go next. This tool allows me to walk around the room and “click” the slides while talking and explaining things. I can also click back and forth if I need to.

Click to Download Your Winter Themed PowerPoint Slides
PowerPoint & Google Slides Versions are Both Included!

When it comes to PowerPoint and Google Slides, the opportunities are truly endless! It like a scrapbook page just waiting for you to create something. Change your slides up every single season by using this bundle of PowerPoint and Google Slides Backgrounds and Editable Templates. It saves so much time, and the kids love seeing what different slides are chosen to use for the day.

winter powerpoint backgrounds
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Stephanie Nash

Stephanie Nash

I have been helping teachers organize, develop routines, and create inviting & beautiful classrooms since 2012!

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Hey y’all!  I’m Stephanie Nash.  I have been helping teachers organize, develop routines, and create inviting & beautiful classrooms since 2012!

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