8+ Spring Classroom Decor Ideas and an April Bulletin Board You Can’t Resist!

Spring classroom decor ideas kids will love

April is a month of renewal and celebration, making it the perfect time to spruce up your classroom with a themed bulletin board. Kids get antsy to get outside (teachers, too)! To make things a little more cheerful, I’ve compiled a list of spring classroom decor ideas and an April bulletin board to create an inviting and vibrant learning environment! Plus, I’m showcasing some of my buzzing products, perfect for bringing the spirit of April into your classroom!

Spring classroom decor ideas and april inspo for kids

Benefits of Putting Up a Bulletin Board Display

Putting up a bulletin board can be a hassle sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be. Make it fun for the kids and get them involved in creating it. I advocate for bulletin board creations (as you may know), but let me share why I advocate for them so much!

To start, they create an Inviting Atmosphere: Themed bulletin boards instantly transform your classroom into an inviting space, setting the stage for a positive and engaging learning environment. When students walk in and see a colorful and themed display, it sparks curiosity and excitement.

They create a Cozy Classroom Community: Bulletin boards act as visual anchors that help create a sense of belonging and unity within the classroom. A thoughtfully designed board fosters a cozy atmosphere, connecting students to their peers and the learning space.

Bulletin boards bring Smiles All Around: A well-designed bulletin board can bring smiles to young faces. Whether it’s a cheerful display of student work or a thematic showcase, these boards serve as a daily source of joy for students and teachers.

April Bulletin Board and Spring Classroom Decor Ideas

Surprise surprise! There are tons of holidays and things to celebrate in spring, especially the month of April! Here are just a few of my favorites to decorate for:

Earth Day Craft: April is the perfect time to celebrate our planet and instill a sense of environmental responsibility in students. Consider incorporating Earth Day-themed elements into your bulletin board to raise awareness about the importance of caring for our world. Use the Earth Day Writing Craft to get kids talking about ways they can help the planet!

Spring classroom decor ideas and april inspo - earth day
This Earth Day Craft is great for spring classroom decor and helping kids learn about saving the planet.

Groovy Spring Bulletin Board: If you’re into all things groovy, this Groovy Spring Bulletin Board kit is for you! Everyone will sing “Here Comes the Sun” as they walk past! Everything from the borders to the decorative flowers is included.

Spring classroom decor ideas and april inspo - groovy sun
Adults and kids will love this exciting addition to spring classroom decor.

Spring Writing Craft Collection

Use the Spring Writing Crafts to write about everything from butterflies and bees to rain and flowers growing! The crafts will keep your walls nice and bright all spring long. Choose from an umbrella, butterfly, bee, and tulip!

Bee Writing Craft for Spring: This adorable bee-themed writing craft is the bee’s knees! Engage your students with this creative and educational activity that adds a touch of springtime sweetness to your bulletin board. This is part of the Spring Writing Crafts mentioned below.

Spring classroom decor ideas and april inspo - bee craft
These bees are a great addition to your spring classroom decor; kids like creating them.

FREE Tulip Writing Craft for Spring: As a special treat, I’m offering a FREE tulip writing craft for spring. Let the vibrant colors of tulips inspire your students’ writing while adding a burst of freshness to your bulletin board. Use the craft to let kids practice their writing skills or keep it around for a rainy day.

Spring classroom decor ideas and april inspo - tulip craft
Kids will love this FREE spring classroom decor activity.

Easter Bulletin Board Collections

Depending on the calendar, Easter may fall in April. Embrace the festive spirit with bunny decorations, egg-shaped cutouts, and vibrant pastel colors. Use the Egg Writing Craft to invite students to discuss Easter traditions, then display the colorful eggs on the wall.

Spring classroom decor ideas and april inspo - egg craft
Use this Egg-citing craft to spruce up your spring classroom decor this year.

You can also use the Groovy Easter Bulletin Board to celebrate Easter and all things spring. The colors aren’t too bright, and the little bunnies can stay up for a month.

Spring classroom decor ideas and april inspo - be hoppy
If you like retro spring classroom decor, try this groovy bulletin board kit!

The Peeps Bulletin Craft is another great option! Students decorate their peep and attach their smiling faces! We love fostering classroom community with these types of crafts.

Spring classroom decor ideas and april inspo - peeps
Celebrate Easter and warmer weather with this piece of spring classroom decor.

Seasonal Classroom Decor Bundle

If you want to decorate for the whole year but don’t want to search for all the bulletin pieces, use these Seasonal Bulletin Boards to make life easy! You’ll find holiday displays for Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and every holiday in between!

Looking for Spring Classroom Decor only? Check out the Groovy Spring Bundle with posters, PowerPoint slides, Bulletin Boards, Newsletters, and more!

Spring classroom decor ideas and april inspo - groovy newsletter
These groovy printables are great for spring classroom decor in April.

Themed bulletin boards are not just decorative; they contribute significantly to creating a positive and engaging learning environment. As we welcome the delights of April, consider incorporating these buzzing products to make your classroom come alive with the season’s spirit. From bee-themed writing to Easter crafts and Earth Day celebrations, let your spring classroom decor be a canvas for creativity and a source of inspiration for your students. Happy decorating and Happy Spring!

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Spring classroom decor ideas kids will love
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