How Exciting! A Valentine Craft Easy Enough For Elementary Students

Valentine craft easy for kids in the classroom

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion for kids to get crafty and show their love for family and friends. A Valentine craft easy enough for any child is just the ticket! In this blog post, we’ll explore some delightful DIY projects that children can enjoy and learn from while celebrating the spirit of love. These ideas are simple, fun, and make everyone feel loved!

Valentine craft easy for kids

I hear you; Valentine’s Day can be a lot to plan for! It’s such a tiny Hallmark holiday, but kids love it. It’s an excellent opportunity to spread smiles and have fun with puns. If you’re like me, you’re looking for something different than last year to set up in the classroom! I bet I can help with some of these creative ideas!

Let’s start off with some cute ideas I want to share from other creators!

Heartfelt Handprint Cards

Create adorable Valentine’s Day cards by tracing your child’s handprint to form a heart shape. Personalize each card with heartfelt messages, and let your little ones use their creativity to decorate them with stickers, markers, and glitter.

Parents, guardians, and grandparents will enjoy receiving these sweet cards from little loved ones! They are super easy to make, and all you need is some construction paper, scissors, and glue. Of course, you’ll also need a hand or two to trace!

Valentine craft easy  - handprint cutout
This handprint cutout is a Valentine craft easy enough for any child!
Source: The Best Ideas for Kids

Love Bug Fruit Cups

Encourage healthy snacking with Love Bug fruit cups. Transform ordinary plastic cups into cute insects by adding googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennae. You will also need some foam hearts and pom poms!

Purchase your favorite fruit cup snacks and use glue to attach your eyes, antennae, and feet. If the materials don’t stick, help kids use hot glue to make them stay. This is an excellent activity for a center during a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine craft easy - fruit cup
Use this Valentine craft easy enough for elementary students to decorate cute fruit cups. Source: The Melrose Family

Valentine’s BEE MINE Bulletin Board Display

A Valentine Craft bulletin board display is a fantastic way to bring students’ creativity into the spotlight. This bulletin board is much like many of my bulletin board activities. They are super simple for kids of all ages and incorporate classroom community! For this project, you’ll need:


  • cardstock
  • printable template
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • markers or crayons
  • photos of the kids
  • bulletin board printouts (available in the download)


  1. Print and cut out the bee templates for each student.
  2. Print pictures of each child.
  3. Have your kids color the bees and attach their sweet, smiling faces. If you don’t want to add photos of their faces, the template allows them to draw their face or a bee face.
  4. Put the pieces on the bulletin board, including the “Bee Mine” wording.
Valentine craft easy - bulletin board craft

The fantastic thing about this download is that all the pieces needed to create the bulletin board display are included. You get the craft, the wording for the board, the borders, and fun decorations!! I love an easy display with minimal prep!

This charming bulletin board display will showcase the students’ artistic skills and create a lovely Valentine’s Day decoration in the classroom or hallway.

Valentine’s Day Newsletter

To keep everyone informed and engaged, consider creating a Valentine’s Day newsletter for parents, teachers, and students. Include information about upcoming events, classroom activities, and helpful tips for celebrating the holiday. Share photos of the bulletin board display, handprint cards, and love bug fruit cups to showcase the children’s accomplishments. Encourage parents to get involved by suggesting fun at-home activities related to Valentine’s Day.

Valentine craft easy and newsletters
Add your easy Valentine ideas to the newsletter for parents to see.

FREE Valentine’s Day Writing Activity and Craft

If you want something super simple, try this FREE heart craft with a writing activity included! The writing activity is differentiated for kids of all ages. Use the plain template, lined paper, or versions with words to trace! Once kids have finished coloring their hearts and writing their words, put the craft together and display it on the walls.

Kids will enjoy being included in the decorating portion of the holidays!!

Valentine craft easy freebie
This FREE Valentine craft is easy and fun to make!

More Valentine Crafts Easy Enough for the Classroom!

Bulletin boards are my love language! This Retro Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board was so much fun to create. If you love nostalgia like the last person, try putting this board up in your classroom for a little February cheer!

Valentine craft easy - retro style bulletin
Add a retro spin to your Valentine Craft Easy board this February!

By involving kids in these easy and heartwarming DIY projects, you’ll not only encourage their creativity but also teach them the importance of expressing love and appreciation to those around them. These activities will surely bring a smile to their faces and brighten up your Valentine’s Day celebration. Have fun crafting, and remember that the most important thing is the love and effort put into each project!

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Valentine craft easy for kids in the classroom
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