How Timer Slides for Powerpoint Saved my Sanity!

powerpoint timer slides

So much has changed for me since I started using timer slides for Powerpoint.  I am not constantly resetting (and losing!)  the kitchen timers I once used in the classroom to keep track of time. 

Now I simply use a timer for on my slides that keeps everything running smoothly for me all day.  Powerpoint slide timers have saved my sanity!

Read on to see examples of timer sliders for Powerpoint,  5 reasons why I use a timer for Powerpoint slides, and 5 ways I use Powerpoint slide timers.

timer slides for powerpoint

Here is Why I use Them

Here are 5 reasons why I love using them:

  • First, I can keep track of time during activities without searching for my kitchen timer.
  • Next, displaying timer slides during independent work help students keep track of their time.
  • Also, students keep track of time during group work using timer slides.
  • Timer slides help me structure my small groups, and alert us when it is time to switch groups!
  • Finally, they are a game changer as virtual meeting wait slides.
timer for powerpoint slides

3 Ways I use Timer Slides

First, let me say, the ways you can implement PowerPoint Slide Timers are endless, but here are some ways I like to use them in my classroom. 

1. Entry Tickets & Exit Tickets

When I taught upper elementary, timer slides were a lifesaver.  We changed classes a LOT, and we all know how chaotic it can be when students are moving from one class to another.  I always had my entry ticket problem or question displayed on the board & as the students came in, I gave them their paper, and I started the PowerPoint slide timer!  

The timers made it effortless because I wasn’t setting or looking for my kitchen timer each day.

You can also use these similarly with exit tickets or morning work.

2. Virtual Learning Countdown Timer Slides

Raise your hand if you had to teach virtually at some point this year!  Timers for PowerPoint slides saved my sanity during our ZOOM meetings, let me tell you! Here is how I used timers for PowerPoint slides to manage students as they logged in. 

  • First, I  turned off my mic & video
  • Next, I shared my screen and displayed one of my PowerPoint timer slides (pictured above.) 
  • Then, I started the timer a few minutes before it was time to begin to allow the students to get their supplies.  

3. Manage Small Groups Effortlessly

This is my favorite way to use PowerPoint slideshow timers.  I simply figure out my small group schedule and create a PowerPoint slide with a timer for each one.  I display this on the board, so the students know where to go and how long they have left in each group. When it is time to begin, I start the timer and the group runs until the timer goes off!  I highly suggest getting a PowerPoint slide “clicker” that allows you to control the slides from far away!  This is the one I have.  I sit at my small group table and control the slides using the clicker.  It is amazing!

timer slides for powerpoint
powerpoint timer slides
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Save Time with PreMade Timer Slides 

If you are ready to get started using timer slides for Powerpoint, but you don’t want to spend forever figuring it out, I have you covered!  I have bundled Powerpoint slide templates with timers you can use all year. 

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Powerpoint timer slides - my favorite ways to use them
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powerpoint timer slides
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