10+ Thoughtful Student and Teacher Gift Ideas for End-of-Year Celebrations

10+ thoughtful teacher gift ideas for end-of-year

As the end of the year grows closer, you may be considering gifts for teachers or students! Finding the perfect way to say goodbye and thank you for a fantastic year cannot be easy. However, I’ve seen some great ideas over the years and want to share them with you. So, here are some fantastic teacher gift ideas for end-of-year celebrations (for students and teachers)! You’re sure to find something that makes everyone in the classroom smile.

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thoughtful teacher gift ideas for end-of-year

For Students

Besides teacher gift ideas for end-of-year, you may need some ideas for your students. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Adorable Erasers

Kids have a fascination with small, cute erasers. Pick up a pack from the Dollar Store or the Dollar Section at Target and give each student a handful. Be sure to attach a cute tag saying goodbye for the year!


Invite kids to have a BRIGHT summer with a cute pair of sunglasses. You can find these at the Dollar Store or on Amazon in bulk. Kids will love sporting new shades as they march into summer.

great teacher gift ideas for end-of-year
Use sunglasses as cute student gift ideas for end-of-year!

Ingredients for S’mores

Give each student a chocolate bar, a graham cracker, and a giant marshmallow in a small baggy. They will love making their sweet treat at home (in their fire pit or microwave) to ring in the summer.

Crazy Straws

Kids LOVE silly straws! Grab a pack online and give each student one on the last school day. Tell them you loved the crazy year you had together or that you will miss them like crazy!


Does this idea even need an explanation? Kids can never have enough chalk, so give them each a small pack or a few pieces to use at home. They’ll surely think about you as they doodle on the driveway!

fun teacher gift ideas for end-of-year
Use chalk as cute student gift ideas for end-of-year!

Sweet Treats

Gift your students a package of small cookies or a popsicle on the last day of school. Tell them they are one smart cookie, and explain how great the year was with them all! Other treats include gummy worms (You’re one amazing Bookworm), Pop Rocks (This year with you ROCKED), and Starbursts (Keep being a star).


Let kids know they blew you away this year with a bubble wand or a small pack of bubbles. Kids love bubbles, and summer is the perfect time to enjoy them.

For the Teacher

Finding teacher gift ideas for end-of-year they don’t already have can be tricky. Likewise, it isn’t easy to think of things teachers may want or need (besides gift cards), but here are some ideas they will all love.

School Supplies They Love

Get a list of your teacher’s favorite pens, notepads, planners, markers, and more, and gift them some at the end of the year. This will help them stock up for the next year without using their teacher budget!

Easy Care Plants

Since teachers have enough to worry about daily, gift them a fake or easy-to-care-for plant. Air plants and little succulents are great options because they are portable (for over the summer) and don’t need much attention.

teacher gift ideas for end-of-year celebration
Use air or easy-care plants as cute teacher gift ideas for end-of-year!

Electric Coffee Warmer

It isn’t easy to drink warm coffee while ensuring all students are accounted for. So why not give the gift of warmth with an electric coffee warmer? Teachers will appreciate the gesture and the fact that their coffee stays warm!

Their Favorite Sweet Treats

If your teacher is into sweet treats, get a list of their favorites and give them a few. If you can, put together a little basket of cookies, candies, and other treats, they will enjoy during the summer. While homemade is awesome, store-bought is preferred to keep the germs away.

teacher gift ideas for end-of-year treats
Use gift baskets as cute teacher gift ideas for end-of-year!

Personalized Teacher Stamp

You can find adorable stamps on Etsy and Amazon. Customize them with your teacher’s name, and they will enjoy using them to label books and more. This is an excellent gift for a teacher who just changed their name after a wedding or is just starting a new library in the classroom.


Give teachers or students fun and punny postcards as a sweet goodbye gift. Either pass them out or send them in the mail for a nice summer treat to receive in the mail. The front of these FREE postcards is not editable, but you can add your text, address, etc., to the backside!

fun teacher gift ideas for end-of-year - punny cards
These punny cards are the perfect teacher gift ideas for end-of-year.

A Funny Book

Teachers always say they should write down what their students communicate in a book. Well, someone did it, and the text is hilarious. So gift this book, Things My Students Said, to teachers to give them a good giggle and to remind them why they became teachers in the first place.

Thoughtful Thank You Card

Teachers deserve to be thanked all year, especially at the end of a long year. A great teacher gift for the end of the year is a thank you card (with a gift card inside). Of course, teachers won’t come out and say it, but they LOVE using gift cards over the summer.

Teacher Coloring Planner

If you know your teacher loves to doodle and color in their free time, get them a creative journal to use. This planner is a great place to keep track of personal meetings, lesson plans, and daily events. It’s also a fun place to color and doodle.

Whether you are searching for student or teacher gift ideas for end of year, these will get you started! Hopefully, something speaks to you or sparks some creativity!

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10+ thoughtful teacher gift ideas for end-of-year
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