Are Your Students Ready to Surf Into Summer with This End of the Year Bulletin Board Idea?

End of year bulletin board idea

With the school year coming to a close, it’s time for summer activities and fun events to round out the year! Nothing says “We’re excited about summer” like a colorful bulletin board displaying the kids’ smiling faces! This end-of-year bulletin board idea is the perfect way to wrap up the year.

Summer bulletin board

Read A Fun, Summer Book to Your Class

Everyone loves a good story! Start this activity off by reading a fun book to the class. Read “Mop Rides the Waves of Life” as you introduce what the students will be doing.

This story is all about a boy who loves to surf. He’s calm and collected and picks himself back up when he falls. Yet, in everyday situations, he gets frustrated, angry, and afraid easily. He and his mother go surfing and she teaches him a valuable lesson about riding the waves of life.

Send your kids off on summer vacation with a great message about feeling their emotions and producing the best reaction possible from them. You’ll love this story!

Watch the story here or purchase it on Amazon.

Fun End of the Year Craft for Your Summer Bulletin Board

The key to a fantastic bulletin board is a sense of community! Achieve this by adding kids’ bright, smiling faces to the board. This End of Year Bulletin Board Craft lets kids imagine they are surfing. Have them decorate their surfboards any way they want and attach little arms. The finishing touch are their faces. Take their picture and then print them out in color. There are also options to not include their faces if you prefer.

Summer bulletin board
Your summer bulletin board isn’t complete without these cute surfers.

Just follow the simple, step-by-step instructions to complete the activity! Have kids color with markers, crayons, or colored pencils. I always love seeing their creativity come out in their designs.

Summer bulletin board
This end of year bulletin board idea comes with an easy craft.

Assemble Your End of The Year Bulletin Board

Once kids have created there super adorable crafts, it’s time to put them up on the bulletin board. Piecing the bulletin board together is simple! Add some background butcher paper if you wish and then use the included borders and pennants to decorate the edges.

Summer bulletin board
Create a sense of community on your end of year bulletin board!

There are four different borders to choose from to customize your look. Add layering or just use one, the possibilities are endless!

Summer bulletin board
Add color to your end of year bulletin board using these borders.

Finish the end of year bulletin board off with fun pictures and objects at the bottom (or anywhere you please) and add the words “Surfin’ Into Summer” next to the student pictures. If you don’t prefer the word “surfin'”, “surfing” is also available.

If you like this end of year bulletin board, you will love the other seasonal bulletin board included in my Bulletin Board & Student Activity Bundle!

Summer bulletin board
Kids will love seeing their hard work displayed on the end of year bulletin board.

Some Other Fun Summer Classroom Tools You Need in Your Life!

Prepping students for the end of the year and some summer fun is the perfect time to send them home with Informational Newsletters. These newsletters allow you to share important events and dates with parents, such as the last day of school and any celebrations. Type your information directly onto the newsletters and send them via email or print and put them in folders.

Summer bulletin board
Display these newsletters on your summer bulletin board for staff, students, and parents to see.

Students are starting to get stir crazy, so keep them grounded using Daily Classroom Slides. Tell them what’s happening at the start of each day, give them a positive note as they walk in the door, or display a fun joke to keep them entertained. The summer theme will get them excited for the end of the year!

Summer bulletin board
Use the classroom slides to get kids ready for the end of the year.

Find all of the resources mentioned in this post by clicking the images below!

Summer bulletin board
End of year and summer themed newsletter templates!
Summer bulletin board
Rainbow Sunshine Classroom Slides are perfect for the end of the year.
Summer bulletin board
The End of Year Bulletin Board is a great idea to wrap up the year.

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End of year bulletin board idea
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