Creative Ways to Use Student Numbers in the Classroom That Will Make Your Life Easier

Using Students numbers in the classroom
Using Students numbers in the classroom

Use Student Number Cards For Classroom Management in your Elementary Classroom

Assigning a number to each child in the classroom can be a super easy way to keep things organized. Using this organization strategy is also great because the numbers can be reused year after year and you don’t have to write out the kids names each fall. I always make sure to keep some things labeled with their names but numbers are super helpful.

This teacher uses the numbers from the Modern Boho Collection to label her student cubbies. Each student has an assigned number so they know which cubby is there to find their papers and textbooks.

Using Students numbers in the classroom
@cma1291 uses the numbers to label student cubby spaces.

This teacher uses the ready-to-print labels from the Rainbow Sunshine Collection to keep cubbies and student bins organized. The kids know exactly where to find their materials because of their assigned number.

Using Students numbers in the classroom
Here the labels are organizing more cubbies.

This teacher uses the Boho Desert Collection to organize her table bins. This tells her which tables will get the designated supplies in each basket. She can set up the bins ahead of time so everything is ready to go.

Using Students numbers in the classroom
@practicallykindergarten uses the labels to organize table bins.

Use as Classroom Management for Classroom Jobs & Flexible Seating

Using numbers to assign classroom jobs and flexible seating is a great way to keep things organized. This teachers used the editable labels & cards in the Boho Rainbow Collection – She assigns students numbers and uses the cards to change out who is assigned to each job.

If you use flexible seating in your classroom, laminate the numbers and put a magnet on the back. Allow students to make their selections using a flex seating option board. I would suggest letting them change their options weekly so things don’t get out of hand.

Using Students numbers in the classroom
@ms.nora_h used the labels to assign classroom jobs.

Use for Lunch Choices and Attendance

The printable numbers are a great way to track lunch choices and attendance in the classroom. When students enter the room they move their assigned number to their lunch choice (pack lunch or school lunch). This also tells the teacher who is absent based on numbers not moved.

Create a magnetic board using a Dollar Tree cookie sheet. Add the options to the board and kids will move their magnetic student numbers every morning.

Using Students numbers in the classroom
These are the ready to print number cards from the Pastel Floral Collection
Using Students numbers in the classroom
The labels also make great number lines in the classroom for primary grades.

Create a Number Line or Use on your Calendar Math Board

The printable numbers are great for making your own adorable number lines in the classroom. Just print the design you like, laminate and hang up using staples, tape, or tacks.

Using Students numbers in the classroom
@kindersandcoffee used the Boho Rainbow Collection to make a number line.

They are also great for a calendar math board. We use ours every morning for morning meetings. They make great graphing labels, calendar dates, and more. This number line and calendar board use the labels from the Boho Rainbow Collection.

Using Students numbers in the classroom
@firstteachkindness use the Boho Rainbow Collection to make her calendar area.

Hot Glue them to Popsicle Sticks and Use for Student Choice!

Numbered popsicle sticks are a life-saver! Kids love to argue over who gets the next turn for something, but these popsicle sticks make things more fair. Glue student numbers to the top of a popsicle stick (one for each student in your class). Assign a number to each student (this number should be kept all year as their classroom number). Here are just some of the things you can draw a popsicle stick for:

  • Use for choosing a student to share
  • Choose who gets to select something first
  • Helps with choosing partners for a game
  • Who gets to pick the brain break
  • If you don’t have student jobs they can help with selecting a line leader or any other job

Once a child’s number is used, put their popsicle stick aside until everyone has been selected. Then, they can all be added back to the cup.

Using Students numbers in the classroom
I store my student numbers in a large cup from the Dollar Tree


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Find all of the labels shown above by clicking on the photos below.

This is the Boho Rainbow Collection
Pastel classroom decor
Here is the beautiful Pastel Floral Label Collection
The Modern Boho is a nice simplistic collection.
Rainbow classroom decor that motivates students.
The Sunshine Rainbow Collection is a fan favorite.
Boho Desert Classroom Decor
Not shown above is the Boho Desert Collection.
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Using Students numbers in the classroom
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