My Top 5 Classroom Tools Every Teacher Needs When Decorating a Classroom

Decorating a classroom

Decorating a classroom might make you anxious. It’s tough getting everything straight and making sure all of the posters hung up match. I have a solution! My top 5 tools for decorating a classroom are sure to be life savers as you begin setting up your classroom or re-doing your decor. Not only do I have great tools, but I have thousands of pages of classroom decor ready for you to print and use. Take a look!

Decorating a classroom

1. A Classroom Decor Shopping Guide

As you get ready to decorate your classroom, you may not know where to start. It can be a lot to think about. The good news is that I created a shopping guide for you to use as you make your plans. Just print the guide and bring it with you when you head to the store.

Decorating a classroom
Look how simple the shopping guide is! @littlesandlaughter

Each of my Decor & More, 2,000+ page classroom decor bundles include a printable shopping guide that you can utilize. Choose from several designs, such as the Boho Rainbow Collection shown here. She is using the Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Collection to decorate her room. Isn’t it beautiful?

Decorating a classroom
Once the shopping is complete, decorating a classroom is easy! @littlesandlaughter

2. HP Printer with HP Instant Ink

I get questions ALL the time about my printer. I have had it for over 5 years, and I print A LOT. This printer is similar to the one I have. (The one I have is actually discontinued because I have had it so long!)

I highly recommend HP Printers, but if you get one, be sure to get one compatible with HP Instant Ink. This service allows you to pay a monthly fee and you can print up to 1,500 pages a month (+ rollover pages!)

Use my referral link and we will both get a free month when you sign up!

Decorating a classroom
This printer is the perfect tool for decorating a classroom.
Decorating a classroom
Use this guide for printing.

3. Purchase the Right Supplies When Decorating a Classroom

Having the right supplies while decorating a classroom makes the task so much easier. Here are some of my favorites that have saved me over the years.

Tools and Ideas for classroom decor that every teacher needs to know.
These are some of my favorite tools to use when decorating a classroom and prepping new materials.
  • The scissors pictures are my absolute favorite. They are sharp and I love that they lock closed for safety. You can find them on Amazon HERE.
  • The paper cutter is extremely useful to have on hand. I can’t cut straight lines to save my life, so this is a must in my classroom. HERE is the link.
  • If you don’t have a laminator as a teacher, GET ONE! It is so calming to watch all of your posters and center materials go through this machine. Grab one HERE. I got mine by putting it on my classroom wishlist and a handful of parents pitched in to get it for the room.
Dollar Tree ideas for classroom decor that every teacher can use.
The twine and clothespins make decorating a classroom easy as pie.

Using twine and clothespins is an easy way to display classroom decor and materials. This is one of my favorite ways to display things, specifically decorative banners that I use to decorate my classroom. You can change the banners out by season, making your room festive and fun. You can even use my Boho Bulletin Board Display with twine and clothespins.

Click Here to read about more of my favorite classroom decorating hacks.

4. I Seriously Don’t Know How I Lived Without Customizable Classroom Decor

Using downloadable classroom decor is extremely versatile and the materials are longer lasting than things you can buy in the store. Digital decor is where it’s at because once you download it, you have unlimited access! If a poster rips, just reprint, laminate, and hang it up.

The options for designs are endless too. I have several amazing bundles you can choose from. They will help you decorate everything from your calendar to your alphabet strips and MORE!

This is the Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor set. It’s a calm design that both students and teachers love.

Decorating a classroom
The decor pieces can be used as signs, number lines, and more.

Want a more modern rainbow design? The Modern Rainbow Classroom Decor Set is another great choice with calming colors.

Decorating a classroom
Decorate a classroom using the printable pieces to make calendars and labels.

For a brighter and more colorful classroom decor set, try the Rainbow Sunshine Classroom Decor Set.

Decorating a classroom
Decorating a classroom also includes labels for organizing your materials.

The Pastel Floral Classroom Decor is one of my favorites! I love the colors and patterns that are available.

Decorating a classroom
Decorate your classroom with all sorts of posters, labels, signs, calendar pieces, and more.

5. Recruit a Friend when Decorating Your Classroom!

Don’t do it alone! Have a teacher friend help you while you set things up. It’s helpful to have an extra opinion about placement and level. Trust me, it will save you some extra work.

All of my classroom decor collections come with exclusive access to our Facebook group where you can get tips, tricks, and inspiration from other teachers around the globe!

Check out all of my bundles here:

Rainbow classroom decor that motivates students.
Grab the Rainbow Sunshine Collection here.
Grab the Modern Rainbow Collection here.
Pastel classroom decor
Grab the Pastel Floral Collection here.
Boho Rainbow Theme Classroom
Grab the Boho Rainbow Collection here.
Boho Desert Classroom Decor
Grab the Boho Desert Collection here.

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Decorating a classroom
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