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3 Easy to Implement Classroom Organization Ideas that Will Change your Life

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As a teacher, I’m sure you get tons of resources each year. The stacks of printables adds up, the guided reading material builds and the gadgets accumulate. While it’s nice to have these things on hand, many of them get forgotten unless they are organized and easy to find. I’ve been there and have found it’s easier to get organized from day one. Toss the clutter and put everything you keep in a labeled space. I’d like to share my classroom organization ideas with you!

Create a Place For Everything…

With all the items you accumulate over the years, it’s impossible to remember where you set everything. I’m guilty of setting copies and papers in a stack and leaving them to sit for WEEKS! When I finally get to them, I question why I didn’t just put them in their home from the start. One classroom organization idea that may seem obvious is to use bins or containers.

I highly recommend getting bins or containers for everything, from papers to paper clips. I also recommend labeling every container and drawer so there’s no question where things belong. The labels don’t have to be super fancy, but let’s be honest, we’re teachers and we like things cute!

Labels can be as simple as words printed on paper and stuck to drawers and containers using double sided tape. One such example is the teacher toolbox that can sit right on your desk or teacher table. Everything is organized for you and ready to go. You can even use these Boho Rainbow Editable Labels.

Using a teacher toolbox is one classroom organizaton idea for this upcoming school year.

Use a 10 Drawer Cart to Organize Your Copies

I love this cart! It is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without it. It is definitely my favorite classroom organization idea! The 10 drawer cart can be found on Amazon or your local craft store. I use it to file and organize my copies for the week, including materials that still need to be copied, graded and filed. The bottom drawer is always filled with substitute plans in case I have to be absent.

Just having the labels on the drawers makes me feel that much more organized and ready for each school day. You can use your own labels or these Boho Rainbow Editable Labels that fit the 10 drawer cart perfectly.

Another classroom organization idea is to label bins and containers used for copies and materials.

Organize Paper Documents Using 3 Ring Binders

If you’re like me, you label everything, even your teaching binders. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a shelf full of beautifully labeled binders to make life easier. I like to create a teacher binder where I keep student information, passwords, student data, meeting notes and handouts, lesson plan ideas, and anything I can’t find a place for.

Binders are also the perfect way to organize copies so they all have a place in your filing cabinet or shelves. I use a binder to differentiate each unit as well. They are also great for organizing lesson plans so all resources and materials are in one place.

Binder labels are a great classroom organization idea to keep your materials in order.

Some other uses for binders:

  • substitute binder
  • reading or math intervention
  • small group materials
  • teacher binder
  • student information
  • decodable readers
  • absent/late notes
  • recess procedures
  • conferences
  • student data binder
  • and so much more.
Another wonderful classroom organization idea is to have all of your teacher resources printed in case of a sub.

You can create your own covers and forms, or you can use the Boho Rainbow Binder Covers, Calendar, and Forms. The new Boho Desert Collection includes these beautiful, editable binder covers pictured above.

Boho Rainbow Editable Labels for easy classroom organization.
Use this Boho Desert Collection to bring your classroom organization ideas to life.
Use these Boho Rainbow binder covers, calendars and forms to bring your classroom organization ideas to life.
The 10 drawer cart is a fantastic way to keep your classroom organized this school year.

If you’re looking for more classroom ideas, check out my post about The Teacher Toolbox and Activities for the First Day of School.

Classroom organization ideas - 3 easy ways to implement classroom organization.
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Stephanie Nash

Stephanie Nash

I have been helping teachers organize, develop routines, and create inviting & beautiful classrooms since 2012!

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Hey y’all!  I’m Stephanie Nash.  I have been helping teachers organize, develop routines, and create inviting & beautiful classrooms since 2012!

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