6+ Fun Fall Activities, Including Free Apple Crafts You’ll Love

Fun fall apple crafts for kids

Fall is a wonderful time of year to engage your classroom in fun and educational activities. From leaf hunts to apple crafts, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and explore during the autumn season. I’ve created a list of some of my favorite fall activities for the classroom. Continue reading to see what they are and how they can be used with students.

6 + fun fall activities, including apple crafts for kids.

Invite Students to do Fall Activities in and out of the Classroom

As you search for fun activities, these are just a few of the fun ideas you can incorporate with your students. There are some fun apples crafts as well as tons of great fall ideas. Try them out!

  1. Leaf Hunt: Take your class on a nature walk and have them collect different kinds of leaves. Then, have them identify and classify the leaves by shape, size, and color. This is a great opportunity to teach your students about the different types of trees in your area.
  2. Leaf Rubbings: Once you have collected leaves, you can also use them to make leaf rubbings. Simply place a leaf under a piece of paper and have your students use a crayon or pencil to rub over the top of the leaf. This is a fun way to explore the different textures and patterns of leaves.
  3. Comparing and Contrasting Characteristics of Leaves and Apples: Fall is the perfect time to compare and contrast the characteristics of different fruits and leaves. Have your students examine the similarities and differences between leaves and apples. For example, you could discuss the different colors, textures, and shapes of each.
  4. Making Applesauce: Making applesauce is a fun and delicious fall activity for the classroom. Have your students peel and chop apples, and then cook them down with cinnamon and sugar. This is a great opportunity to teach your students about cooking and nutrition.
  5. Five Senses of Fall: Use the fall season as an opportunity to engage your students’ senses. Have them explore the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of fall. For example, you could take your class on a nature walk to collect leaves and pine cones or have them taste different kinds of apples.
  6. Apple Bird Feeders: These are great for spring and fall. Cut apples into slices and string them together. Spread a little bit of peanut butter on each slice and sprinkle birdseed on top. Hang them from twine on a tree and watch the birds and squirrels enjoy a snack before winter comes.

Make Amazing Apple Crafts

In addition to these activities, there are plenty of fun and easy apple crafts that you can do with your class. For example, you could make apple prints by cutting an apple in half and dipping it in paint, or create apple wreaths by stringing together apple slices on a piece of twine. These crafts are a great way to get creative and celebrate the fall season.

Use Classroom Printables and Resources in the Fall

I love changing up my newsletter themes, and Powerpoint slide themes each season. It makes things more interesting as we go through the year, and the kids enjoy them, also. Try using my Newsletter Templates to grab parent attention and brighten your bulletin board. Each newsletter highlights important information for the classroom, such as vocabulary, upcoming events, schedule changes, and tons more.

Just click the images below to check out all of the newsletter options available!

Patriotic newletters to go with apple crafts.
Write down when you will be doing apple crafts with kids on patriotic newsletters so parents stay informed.
Exciting fall newletters that go well with apple crafts.
Try fall newsletters to pair with apple crafts in the classroom.
Newsletters to pair with apple crafts.
Grab these Thanksgiving newsletters to use while you do apple crafts this fall.
Try retro newletters to go with apple crafts.
Don’t miss these fun GROOVY newsletters to announce fall activities and apple crafts for your kids.

The Fall Google Slides are a great way to display morning meeting information, classroom routines, messages, daily events, and anything else you can think of. Add center rotations to them, or write out a funny joke to start the day. Kids love daily slides.

Announce your apple crafts using fall slides.
Google Slides are the perfect way to show students what you are working on each day, including apple crafts and fall activities.

Grab an Apple Crafts Freebie

As a special bonus, we are offering a free Apple Craft template that you can use in your classroom. Simply download the template and have your students color and cut out their own apple craft. This is a fun and easy way to get your class excited about fall and all of the wonderful activities that come with it.

Fall is a fantastic time of year to engage your classroom in fun and educational activities. From leaf hunts to apple crafts, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and explore during the autumn season. We hope that these ideas inspire you to create a fun and engaging fall curriculum for your students. Happy fall!

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Fun fall apple crafts for kids
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