5 Simple Fall Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Elementary Classroom

fall bulletin board ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration to decorate your elementary classroom this fall? Check out these five fall bulletin board ideas to add a festive flair to your elementary school classroom. These designs are perfect for exciting your students about the season, from colorful leaves to cute pumpkins. PLUS, I have fun Retro bulletin board printables you’ll love!

fall bulletin board ideas for the classroom

Make a Gratitude Bulletin Board

Show your students the importance of gratitude with a fall-themed bulletin board. Cut out polaroid shapes in various colors and have students write something they are thankful for on each. Students will also draw a picture to match the words. Then, arrange the photos on the bulletin board to create a beautiful and meaningful display. This is a great way to encourage positivity and appreciation in your classroom.

Gratitude fall bulletin board ideas
Add a gratitude display to your fall bulletin board ideas.

Create Fun Retro Bulletin Boards

If you enjoy a fun, retro theme, you won’t want to miss these new retro bulletin board kits. These fall bulletin board ideas for first grade, second grade, kindergarten, and beyond are simple to print and so much fun to display.

Retro November

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your classroom with this Retro November Bulletin Board Kit. Use bright colors, bold patterns, and vintage-inspired graphics to create a fun and funky display. Incorporate vintage pumpkins, peace signs, and smiley faces to drive home the retro vibe. Your students will love this bulletin board theme’s playful and whimsical atmosphere.

Retro Thanksgiving fall bulletin board ideas
You will absolutely adore fall bulletin board ideas like this one.

Retro Fall

Add this Retro Fall Bulletin Board Kit to your door if you want something a little more generic. The peace signs, leopard print pumpkins, flowers, and hearts will make your students smile when they walk into the room. If you hang it in the hallway, teachers and parents will also love it!

Retro fall bulletin board ideas
You will absolutely love fall bulletin board ideas like these retro ones.

Add a Thanksgiving Bulletin Board This Fall

A fun Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Kit will help create a sense of community. The adorable turkeys are a great craft to add to morning meetings, independent centers, or a fun whole-group activity. Many teachers love having these on hand for rainy days! The kids enjoy seeing their work up on the wall. Decorate with acorns and pumpkins; your room is decked out for fall.

Thankful fall bulletin board ideas
Need fun fall bulletin board ideas? Try this one!

Celebrate Fall with a Veterans Day Bulletin Board

If you celebrate Veteran’s Day, you’ll love this Veteran’s Day Bulletin Board Kit. The kids create their veterans and write a little about what they know. The writing templates are utterly versatile, so you can pair them with a research project, a writing piece about a loved one, a letter to a soldier, and many more ideas. Add this to your list of fall bulletin board ideas this year.

Veterans day fall bulletin board ideas
Make sure you add these veterans’ day crafts to your fall bulletin boards.

Add Fun Fall Craft Bundles to Your Lesson Plans

Writing templates and crafts always make excellent bulletin board displays. Use the Thanksgiving Craft Bundle to discuss turkeys, corn, and pie. Add them to your wall as you talk about traditions, the history of the first Thanksgiving, and much more.

Thanksgiving fall bulletin board ideas
You will love adding fall bulletin board ideas like these to your lesson plans.

The Fall Craft Bundle is another excellent tool to use. Kids will love making their apples, sunflower, and pumpkin. They can write about life cycles, how to plant seeds, what they can make with these plants or their opinions. The options are endless, and the final products make cute fall displays in the classroom.

fall craft bundle fall bulletin board ideas
Fall bulletin board ideas like these will keep kids busy!


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fall bulletin board ideas
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