6+ Unique and Cheerful Themes with Classroom Decor for Teachers

Classroom decor for teachers - 6 fun ideas

As you get ready to decorate your classroom for the new school year, you may want to choose a new theme or add some new wall decor. It’s always so much fun to redecorate for the new school year. Whether you are a first-year teacher looking for a fun theme to incorporate or a seasoned teacher looking to spice things up, these classroom decor ideas are for all teachers. Take a look at the 11 classroom decor for teachers and get some fun inspiration!

Classroom decor for teachers - tons of fun ideas

Why is Classroom Decor Important?

Some would argue that the decor in the classroom plays no real role, but I believe differently. The decor you put up sets the tone for the room. Some teachers like it bright and colorful to bring a little bit of joy, and others like muted colors to keep things calm.

The kids appreciate the effort you put into the decor in the classroom. Blank walls are boring and won’t be as inviting as fun posters and decorations on the walls, doors, and bulletin boards.

6+ Ideas for Classroom Decor for Teachers

Boho Rainbow

If you are looking for a muted color scheme with beautiful images, this Boho Rainbow classroom decor for teachers is perfect for you. This set comes with 2,500+ pages of decor to use on your classroom walls. There are drawer organizer labels, alphabet posters, behavior clip charts, banner letters, schedule displays, signal posters, door displays, binder covers, library book bin labels, printables forms, and so much more.

Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor for teachers
Add the Boho Rainbow Classroom decor for teachers for a lovely color scheme.

Rainbow Sunshine

Are you that bright and cheerful teacher? This colorful Rainbow Sunshine set is a fantastic addition to your classroom decor. There are over 2,500 pages of fun displays for the room, including labels for books and drawers, binder covers, flip calendars, bulletin board displays, a sound wall, teacher toolbox labels, affirmation stations, and so much more.

Rainbow Sunshine Classroom Decor for teachers
The Rainbow Sunshine classroom decor set for teachers creates a nice calm atmosphere.

Groovy and Bright

This classroom decor for teachers is so much fun because of the bright, vivid colors. The Groovy and Bright decor set has tons and tons of printables that will help you decorate your walls, doors, book bins, binders, toolbox, drawers, and so much more. Add a little color and kindness to the classroom environment with this kit.

Groovy and Bright Classroom Decor for teachers
The Groovy and Bright classroom decor set for teachers is a fan favorite.


The Retro decor kit is very simple and cozy! It comes with editable forms and tons of printable resources to cover your walls and classroom. Use the printables to display birthdays, and calendar time, label binders and drawers, and tons more. The retro theme is perfect for teachers in all grade levels.

Retro Classroom Decor for teachers
This Retro classroom decor for teachers will brighten any room.

Boho Desert

The Boho Desert Classroom Decor for teachers is a fan favorite. The simple colors and calming design make your classroom extremely inviting and comfortable. Use the printables to display colors and shapes, letters, calendars, birthdays, signals, hall passes, and much more.

Boho desert classroom decor for teachers
Everyone loves the adorable Boho Desert classroom decor for teachers!

Pastel Floral

If you’re that teacher that loves spring the most, this Pastel Floral decor bundle is for you. The calming colors decorate the flowers and make your classroom environment inviting and cozy. Use the pretty flowers to decorate your bulletin boards and to label everything under the sun. There are 2,400+ pages to print from!

pastel floral classroom decor for teachers
Enjoy this beautiful Pastel Floral classroom theme for teachers!

More Classroom Theme Options

I also have tons of classroom theme options here, including cactus, farmhouse, shiplap, modern boho, and more! If you want to add a little bit of everything, be sure to check it all out on my site.

I hope using this classroom decor for teachers will give your classroom the spice it needs as you head into the new year! Thanks for reading!

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Classroom decor for teachers - 6 fun ideas
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